Buffalo Pinball Summer Open '18 - Delivered by Domino's


Rumor also had it that Bigfoot was sighted at Pinburgh. Nope it was just Brian Dye. LOL


All that hand holding must’ve done the trick <3


Way better then the last PAPA Classics taking 4 out of 16 games.


What makes it “way better”?


5/12 > 4/16?

That’s a quick and dirty guess, though.

With 16 machines, that’s 16 chances for a first place finish or 61520 points to be divvied up amongst competitors. If you’re only counting 4 games, up to four people could get 400 points. This is an unlikely situation, but not impossible.

With 12 machines, that’s 12 chances for a first place finish or 46140 points up for grabs. Counting 5 games, only two people could each get 500.

Counting 4/16 has more points available with each player taking fewer than 5/12.

Basically it seems like it’s harder to qualify when there is a larger gap between number of games counted and number of games available because it’s “easier” to get a high point value. Can someone explain this with better math?


Without trying to derail the BPSO thread, here is a really good discussion on the topic.


All this is why I and others recommend using smoother scaled points when the number of games counted is much less than the number present, e.g. the 100-97-95-94 scale.


We have some exciting news: Domino’s Pizza will be the presenting sponsor of the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open! Sponsorship funds will go to the main prize pool with a small portion also going to support PAPA streaming. Special thanks to pizza lawyer and all around good guy, Adam Gacek, for helping to make this happen.


Does that mean free cheesy bread at qualifying? :smiley:


Does that mean the Domino’s pinball machine will be in the Main bank?


Games for the main bank are being announced on our Facebook event page, you can follow along over there :smiley:



What Bob said. That scale is so much better than 100-90-85-84…


BPSO bump! Flying out at 6:50am.:open_mouth:


See you soon! Been setting things up the past two days with more to come tomorrow. Check the Buffalo Pinball Twitter channel for some setup photos to see the progress…






Thanks for streaming the classics finals!!


Happy to! More tonight: http://www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball


I want to thank @KevInBuffalo, @Nick_BuffaloPinball and everyone else involved is organizing and running the tournament. I had a great time.

I was nervous about the size of the venue, but being able to just sit around outside was great. I would be thrilled to play there again.

You had some huge challenges (like power) and got through it all and delivered a great experience.

Domino’s is also my favorite marquee sponsor to date. GFuel is funny. I am happy eBay sponsored pinburgh, but it still made me cringe when I heard presented by eBay.

Delivered by Domino’s somehow worked for me. And the pizza they delivered was a hit.


Chiming in to say the stream coverage was great all points. Watched the VODs for Classics and some of the Main finals live. Great coverage all around.