Bro, do you even talk pinball? podcast Ep 51: Legends of Valhalla, TMNT and Heist impressions, + the 2010s in review

Episode 10 of the podcast to wrap up the year!

-Top 10 pinball moments of 2016
-Mailbag for one
-Your top pinball moments of the year
-Our take on the year
-Thanks for listening/watching!

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Kicking off 2017 with Episode 11!

-Aerosmith unveiled
-Keith Elwin at Stern
-Eric Meunier at Jersey Jack
-Pinball Done Quick
-Ghostbusters 1.13 code released
-Batman 66 first impressions
-Predator goes to court
-Your emails/tweets
…and more!

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FYI I had nothing to do with Star Trek code other than some bug reporting :slight_smile:


I’ll tell @Nick_BuffaloPinball :slight_smile:

Episode 12! Our Top 10 Modern Stern Machines

-Gameroom updates
-North American Pinball Battle
-Buffalo Pinball Summer Open - A PAPA Circuit Major
-News: Magic Girl Ships, Lebowski Doesn’t
-Top 10 Modern Sterns: Kevin, Nick, Martha and McSirTuna
-Your emails/tweets
-Watch live and subscribe:

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No Lotr or Acdc on either of your lists? Blasphemy! :imp:

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AC/DC has just never clicked with me for some reason. LOTR I like but I haven’t spent enough time with for it to make my list. Maybe someday!

Especially with BBH and Sopranos getting nods over LOTR and TSPP. But hey… to each their own.

“Bro, do you even TALK pinball?” Ep. 13 - News from Texas Pinball Festival with Ed Robertson

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News: Texas Pinball Festival Recap with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies. Check them out on tour!

-Attack from Mars Remake
-Alice Cooper
-All Star Baseball (Gizmo Games)
-Bride of Pinbot 25th Anniversary Edition
-Dialed In
-Total Annihilation

Photos Courtesy of Joe Ciaravino of the Overrated Podcast Follow topinhead on Twitter and Instagram

Game room, personal pinball updates
-Turdament recap
-Featured on Pinball Profile
-Early Aerosmith Impressions

Viewer emails, tweets

-Watch live and subscribe:

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Ep 14 is live! News and Aerosmith and WWE Reviews

-Nick’s PAPA car story
-Kevin’s Post-PAPA visit
-Buffalo Pinball on TV!
-Buffalo Pinball League
-Stern Cabinet PSA
-Viewer emails and tweets
-WWE Wrestlemania pinball review
-Aerosmith pinball review

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Ep. 15 is here! Pool Noodles and Revenge from Mars review

-Know your Bro: Mike “McSirTuna” Lukianoff
-Silverball Cycl-o-Rama recap with Martha
-12 games in 12 hours marathon stream to benefit St. Jude
-AC/DC Encore
-Total Nuclear Annihilation
-Dialed In and Attack from Mars remake hit production
-Pinball Wizard Arcade Closes
-Revenge from Mars Review
-Your Burning Questions Answered

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Ep. 16 - Batman '66 review and operating pins

-Gameroom updates: Kevin’s HUO Viking, Nick adds a second game room full of Bad Girls
-Dialed In impressions
-Fundraising for St. Jude Play Live
-Nick’s Allentown Pinfest recap, including Houdini impressions
-Nick becomes an op
-Batman 66 review

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Where did you find EBC links? Those have been extinct for some time. I had to do a lot of modifications to get the standard bally links to work where the flippers were not flat.

I called Pinball Resource last week and told them the problem I was having. They sent out parts.

Now, I haven’t put them in yet, and based on what you’re saying, I’m worried that won’t solve the problem…

Yeah it sucks. I had to move the bracket that the link rests on back about 1/4" to get the proper travel. Of course the easy solution is to just buy two of these and be done with it forever

Hmm, hopefully the stuff from PB Resource works, otherwise I’ll have to order from Pinball Life. Thanks for the info!

would this work in your case? Just did that on one of my Classic Stern and it’s a good improvement:

“Bro, do you even TALK pinball?” Ep. 17 - Ryan from Comet, Star Wars revealed, tons of news!

Give your rating for No Good Gofers and see what others have rated it at

-Interview: Ryan from and the Little Kings podcast
-Updates: Buffalo Pinball Summer Open, Critical Hit tournament, selling stuff, fixing stuff, buying Dialed In!
-Pinball Done Quick, summer style
-Stern Star Wars Reveal
-Heighway restructuring
-Dutch Pinball, too
-Stern Pro Circuit
-Review: No Good Gofers (Williams, 1997)
-Your Qs, our As.

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Good episode. I think Ryan Wanger is awesome, and it’s always good to hear his positive outlook on things. He’s just so dang nice all the time.



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