Breakfast options at Pinburgh Westin?

I’m staying at the Westin, but don’t want the expensive breakfast every day – unless ReplayFX rate includes breakfast (not likely). What are good options around Westin for breakfast?

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Last year I had to walk out of breakfast at the Westin because they were not staffed to handle all the pinball players and we were going to miss the first round of play. Just a warning.

I ate at a bagel place nearby that was very much not exciting, but it was very fast at providing food I could put in my mouth.

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hmmm Bagel :slight_smile:

Anyone knows if there is a decent grocery store walking distance from the Westin to stock up on some snacks and other items?

There is literally a Kwik-E-Mart across the street. Opens later on Saturday though from my remembery.


The closest grocery store I found last year was across the river in a pretty sketchy looking part of town. It’s theoretically walkable, but I opted for a cab due to time constraints. Might be worth hitting up Wednesday night to stock up before the tournament actually starts…

Tonic breakfast - Bloody Mary and Fire Pabst right? :wink:

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Have a plan for Saturday morning as the city is essentially shut down. I wandered for a good 30 minutes before finals looking for something quick only to find every bagel shop & store closed. Ended up with a granola bar from the convention center concession stand.

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yeah it’s surprisingly barren for finding stuff around the area once it’s the weekend so stock up. Some of the fast food places may be open. I got my Arby fix in last year IIRC

Last year the convention center snack bar had some breakfast items like muffins and danishes. They had a limited number but they were ok. Walking around the city we didn’t have much luck until it was early lunch.

There is a Starbucks in the ground floor of the Westin. You might find things like fruit or pastries there. The burger place downstairs is quite good, but I don’t think they are open for breakfast.


I’m at the Omni (already here). CVS is just a couple of blocks away. Got my milk and cereal, and the hotel donated a bowl and spoon. All set :smile:

There are a couple of places in the mini-mall like area of the Westin. The bagel/sandwich place was good, as well as the coffee shop. For fast food outside the place, Subway was open the entire time I was there last year.

For general snacks and whatnot, I’d recommend just trying to stock up before you come in as opposed to dealing with the city.

There is a deli called “Two Louie’s” that opens at 7am on Penn Ave and is about a 5 minute walk. They have pretty good breakfast and lunch options.

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Just a FYI, the bagel/sandwich place past the coffee shop in The Westin has closed down. :frowning:

the coffee shop near Starbuck on the Lobby level at the back was just what I needed :slight_smile:

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Brueggers bagels was a block away from Westin had a good breakfast bagel

The Starbucks had breakfast sandwiches in addition to the coffee, pastries and juices. Worked out fine.

Ditto. This is what my boys and I did for breakfast each morning.

While it’s not exactly close to the Westin, I had breakfast at Kickback Cafe, Black Forge cafe (their iced shot in the dark with ginger is amazing FYI), and another cafe near my friend’s house that I forget the name of. Then on Sundays at The Zenith, there is a $10 all you can eat vegan buffet at an antique mall. Sounds weird, and I’m sure it’s a turn off to those of you who eat meat, but it was phenomenal and I highly recommend it. They only go from 11am-1pm on Sundays and they do community style seating.