Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


Can someone explain the “ball save lit” mystery award? When I get it, it doesn’t seem to light the left outlane. Nor I don’t see anything else happen on the playfield. Maybe it awards an add time completion, getting one closer to ballsave.


Your theory is right @gammagoat! It’s weirdly worded for sure, but it spots 1 set of targets.


It lies in .93


Code v0.94 posted. Really happy with all the stuff we were able to get into this update. All the bug fixes AND MORE!


How could you remove the Invalid???



Meanwhile I’m waiting for the several new cars and millions of dollars Deadpool has promised me…


Invalid mystery award for next Deadpool update!


new code mentions needing to complete modes to reach black castle… but only one mode in the rulesheet right now mentions completing it. I was under the impression that previously you could just keep playing modes until the timer runs out? Is there some arbitrary threshold (# of knight letters earned?) that counts as ‘completing’ a mode while still allowing you to play? Or do all the modes now end after a certain goal?


All modes currently end after a certain goal (5 Magma Beast shots, 5 Lich kills, 5 Hydra heads cut, 8 Hell Hand shots, 9 Sand Worm shots). Now the modes (I assume) persist until completion or timeout.


- Exclude shoot again light from knight bashed and realm ready light shows

Really appreciate that one. Looks like lots of big changes (stacking MB’s!). Can’t wait to dive in.


Say youve got a couple super modes running, then get Retro MB lit. Does starting Retro cash the Super Jackpot out at 3x ?


Super jackpot collect happens first.


This was pretty funny.


Added information on the new completion requirements for each main mode. Each mode only has one KNIGHT letter now.


I’ve been playing that game for MONTHS and I still haven’t gotten one gazillion points or pieces of eight! Please tell me I’m not alone here! :wink:


Confused here, isn’t a set three shots? What would the difference be between 9 shots or three sets?

Double drained out of MB, one down the lit left outlane. Screen said ball saved, but my ball just ended :frowning:


HAH I literally just came here because this just happened to me in league minutes ago! I was double draining out of Multiball, but I wasn’t nudging like crazy because I had the left outlane ball save lit. The screen even gave the “BALL SAVED” animation … immediately followed by the bonus count up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yah, it’s happened to me more than once. Lord of Light all over again.


And they wonder why pinball players have trust issues…


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