Big Guns for tournament play


Nope, didn’t see anything in my notes that Soren had done anything (in fact, my notes on system 11 randomness/unfairness for big guns said ‘no issues’, ha!) - so I just tackled it anew. It could easily be changed to reset every ball as well, and not advance. The code for it is pretty much exactly the same way Pinbot did it (same original programmer)


Wouldn’t know who that was … :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did run it in the game, but the game started doing weird stuff like throwing two balls into play randomly so I had to pull it from the Sys11 World Champs back in March.

The game came from Europe years ago, and has a number of dodgy non original switches in it, so I will replace them all and install new diodes and hopefully that will sort it out.

When the game isn’t throwing 2 balls out, the new roms seem to work well.

Thanks again to Søren for all his work on the Sys11 machines. It really is appreciated.



What term do you use when player one locks balls, player two starts multi-ball, and player one has to lock balls again before they can start a multi-ball?
I call that lock stealing.


I call it “lock spoiling” to distinguish it from true lock stealing where you benefit by not having to lock as many balls.


I call that an inconvenience. Player two didn’t benefit from the locked balls on games where they have to still perform the lock function on their own (Addams, Whirlwind, WCS, etc).

If you lump in games where players have to re-lock if the balls are cleared out by another player that’s a LONG list of games. Pretty much any game without an autoplunger that has a physical ball lock.

I draw the line at player 2 directly benefitting from player 1’s lock progression (Radical, EATPM, etc).


Yep. If you have to lock your own balls, I don’t consider that stealing.


New code seems to be working great! Played a couple multiplayer games and the queens rescue is resetting to 500k each game. Builds between players within the game.

I have mine set to collect all guards once invincible and increased the timer to be invincible to 20 seconds from 12. It’s hard to collect, but not impossible.

I think this makes the game much much better.

I’ll report back if I see any bugs.


Everything seems to be working great for @scochar ‘s Roms.

I’ll test @soren ‘s too as soon as I get EPROMs burned. Need a buddy to help me with that.