Big Guns for tournament play

Hey everyone,

I have a big Guns that I will be using for tournaments coming up.

Is there a special rom that resets the queens rescue bonus player to player or game to game?

If not, would like to hear how @bkerins and @PAPA_Doug set this up for pinburgh.


The one we use at Pinburgh does not have any kind of special ROM. I would need to look at the game settings to tell you how exactly it is set up.

That would be great. Thank you!

Lock stealing is a severe issue in this game. PAPA recommends playing it as single-player only if it must be used.

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Respectfully disagree. This games multiball rules in multiplayer games is just like firepower and similar to WCS.

Everyone has to get their own locks, but first person to MB clears the physical locks requiring other players to relock their balls. No need to requalify locks however. Just lock them.

I absolutely feel progressive jackpots that grow game to game have no place in competitive pinball.

However, for games that have some kind of lock stealing/Multiballs that clear the locks, etc, I’m viamently against playing these as single player games. It’s good strategy/risk/reward, and I’m against nerfing this aspect of the game.

But I certainly understand why PAPA and others feel that certain lock stealing games need to be played single player.


I don’t know the game :grinning: I just copied PAPA’s stance.

Appreciate it! Yeah I don’t take different stances from PAPA/IFPA often, but lock stealing is one of them. I mean how awesome is TNA for competition? Haha

I don’t take a personal stance on this . . . I asked players going into IFPA12 how they wanted “those games” to be played. By a vote of 64-0 the players chose to play them as single player only. I haven’t bothered holding a vote since then however it’s possible that vote has tightened? :slight_smile:


Did you use firepower? Was that played single player?

You can’t steal locks in Firepower to my knowledge. It’ll kick out a different locked ball to compensate.

Hold on . . . let me ask Jarvis down the hall . . . yeah, he said that was a bitch to program back then :slight_smile:


You’re 100% correct. This is also exactly how big guns behaves.

If big Guns is played single player, why isn’t firepower?

Firepower also “steals” the previous players locks when someone else starts MB. The person to lock first and not start MB, has to relock their balls when another player plays MB before them.

Same with Big Guns.

Then I wouldn’t classify Big Guns as one of “those games” (like Fire, Radical, Elvira, etc).

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Yay! Someone has seen the light on Big Guns.

@PAPA_Doug let’s get those game notes updated!

Actually it’s interesting that PAPA lists lots of games as having lock stealing issues but only recommends some to be played as single player.

I have a mod ROM for Big Guns. It is short of a year old, but never released as it has never been tested in a real game. Some hereby unnamed guy (prominent figure on the southern hemisphere, cough) was suppose to run it. But found his game to be broken.

Also, it is a pretty basic deal that resets Queen’s rescue at each start-of-ball (500K). And that is all.



Thanks for the help @soren !! I got the Roms burned and will test as soon as I get the EPROMs form my friend. I’ll report back ASAP.


So sorry. I mixed up and @soren @scochar as I was getting messages from both and didn’t realize it.

@scochar sent me code yesterday that resets queens rescue to 500k at the start of each game. I will be testing that.

I assume it’s the same code @soren has. Can you guys confirm?

Sorry for the confusion!

Too much “do this because Big Guns allows lock stealing” and not enough “don’t use it in the first place because the game sucks.” :slight_smile:

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Shots fired! Big Guns is fantastic.

Also, can’t steak locks on Big Guns. :grin:

Oh. The one I have is reset every start-of-ball. So it works for multiplayer competition. Though being a little lame. Basically a 500K JP with a little treat, if you are able to build it. Or if you flunk the JP but are able carry through to next multiball on same ball.

Generally speaking. Navigating all these binaries with pinball software and patches, checksums are the way verify what is what. There are online resources where everyone can go ahead. Like

And it was a bitch to reverse engineer the logic as well. I ended up creating it anew for the system 7 version… and the beta testers said it wasn’t like the original (but it was… just implemented a lot differently)