Best Game app - testers wanted

I have added support for Best Game tournaments to Match Play and I need your help. There’s a short guide to how it all works here:

This is a bit of a departure for me and I would love some testers. If you run Best Game / Herb events in your local area and want to give Match Play a try get in touch and I’ll help you set up and run everything.

Important note: Match Play will not handle entry purchases/quotas so don’t try to use this at a big festival etc. Use Karl’s excellent software instead. Match Play’s Best Game format is meant for smaller local events or (super) leagues where it’s not feasible to contact Karl all the time to get a new tournament set up.

Very cool - I had heard on the CoinBox Pinball Podcast how they are running a tourney at a location that’s kind of a “play at your leisure” style of Best Game ( and I was thinking to try something similar maybe at Gestalt over a month period like they are doing in Minnesota.

May try this as a a friends thing first to test the software out and see how it goes - thanks for doing this!

Sounds like a great plan. You can even set it up to run a friendly contest between colleagues at your office :slight_smile: