Benchmarking competition streaming: Big Buck HD

They say all publicity is good publicity . . . the higher ups here are having a hard time swallowing this one.

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To be clear, Jerad spent an entire year qualifying for this, and was almost incoherently drunk just moments after finishing a match? Yikes.

Jerad rules! He bought me a shot

He didn’t play in the competition. His wife was there playing. He was hanging out at the bar.

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I think from a commentary end, it has helped in commentary I’ve been involved in if there’s someone in the booth that genuinely doesn’t know a game that well - usually they throw out the questions and it flows naturally. To step into internalizing those prompts on the other hand is a move that we have to take on as a whole.

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The couples that form… blow my mind at times

But, like, I really think they should.

Imma be in touch in the near future. I have some thoughts I want to discuss with you and James.

We’ve really wanted to do this, but editing is so f’ing time consuming that we’ve been unable to devote anyone to it.


I’ll be waiting with excitement!