Beige Knight Pinball Podcast

Hi Tilt forums! This is a new Podcast talking about all things Pinball and we were blessed to be given the name “The Beige Knight Pinball Podcast” by none other than Steve Ritchie himself! He is like the knight from “Black Knight 2000” only he is beige, he gives people money and helps them be better players.

We are a 3 person team and are based from MA. We got a hint of the Bostonian accent, are big into New England sport teams, and have a huge passion for Pinball.

Currently we are in our infancy but have created 2 interview Podcasts with a 3rd along the way already. We interviewed Steve Ritchie at Pintastic and then on our latest episode we interviewed Barry Oursler.

Great interviews so check out our new Podcast:


Awesome! Good luck going forward. Don and I (The Pinball Podcast) are nowhere near experts at podcasting, but if you ever want some iffy advice or tips, feel free to ask! If you want good advice, talk to the Buffalo Pinball guys or something.

I’ll check it out tonight on my run.


I defer to This Flippin Podcast. @TaylorVA

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Will check it out on the ride up to Pinburgh.

I learned everything I know by trying to avoid the mistakes I hear on the Pinball Podcast.


That’s like trying to avoid bugs on a road trip. Best to plow through and apologize later.

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Hoping to get an RSS feed to add to my podcast app. The one I see most is podcastgarden.

This one sounds interesting, but yikes, what a lot of podcasts. I’ll give it a listen if I can squeeze it in. (One of my staple podcasts is about 2 to 3 hours weekly.)

That’s really hitting the ground running though, to get a Steve Ritchie interview that quickly.

Thanks for the interest folks. Yeah we are planning an actual podcast instead of interview podcasts. It’s hard but fun work creating podcasts. I’m “Derek” by the way.

To be perfectly honest I never cared for podcasts until I listened to a “Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast” with the Moonwalking Dead table because Mitch is a local. It was really good and fun listening to it under my welding helmet at work. It’s sort of like a secret geek thing I can do and meanwhile people are assuming I’m listening to music haha. All the Pinball podcasts are really good actually! With Steve Ritchie, Rob was like “hey you wanna be in my new podcast with Mike and interview Steve”?! This was around 8PM at Pintastic and Mike and I were really unsure but afterwards we are totally on-board. Preparation is key as you could tell between the other interviews. :stuck_out_tongue: Been getting a lot of positive feedback and we are just super lucky to be at a hot spot for the arcade scene.

Bit late posting this here but Rob and I interviewed Roger Sharpe a month ago which was a pretty long but an informative interview. Michael was in Maine for the Oursler/Sharpe interview we actually did back to back. We also got John Trudeau a week ago but unfortunately we could only get him during working hours at 6PM and I couldn’t make it nor Michael could so Rob did it by himself. Beige Knight Pinball Podcast

As of right now we have nothing but 4 interviews and we are discussing the best times to meet up to do normal podcasts. This Podcast isn’t just about interviews with people but we very luckily managed to get Steve Ritchie at Pintastic and the ball just started rolling from there. Rob sends messages to these great icons in the Pinball industry and they actually respond back willing to do these interviews. I mean how can you not refuse to talk to them?

I missed the Sharpe interview, but I just listened to the Trudeau yesterday. Why was the host spending so much time asking a veteran designer what his favorite games are/were from other veteran designers? Just gotta say, I’m not listening to a chat with John Trudeau to find out what his favorite Barry Oursler game is. The baseball talk was a little annoying, but I do like a bit of personal color outside of pinball with these ‘big name’ interviews. And the part where the interviewer dug his heels in to talk about Steve Kordek when they barely even worked together. Plus, and I learned this the hard way after an article was published, Kordek didn’t invent the flippers - he merely put them at the bottom of the game. That credit goes to Harry Mabs on Humpty Dumpty. I don’t mean to only complain, though I wish that if you’re going to have these old school dudes, pick their brain about their creative process. Not things like “Ghostbusters, who did the code on that? Who did the art package on that?” which are both easy to look up, and I was answering faster than Trudeau. That’s Stern’s most recent release and those names are fresh on people’s minds. Hopefully you take this as a constructive criticism as it’s meant to be. Obviously you’re welcome to do things any way you damn well please, and my feedback should have no baring on what makes you happy. Just thought I’d chime in with my thoughts and that I’m looking forward to some more in depth interviews in the future.


No you’re completely right. Rob has been around an arcade or Pinball machine longer than I have been alive actually however very casually. It’s really only recently he has been into Pinball mainly when GoT came out because he is a giant GoT fan. I actually met him at a Lanes and Games launch party for GoT and ironically enough we just started talking about the pin and show while watching Bowen put up this 2 bajillion score.

It’s a topic for the next Podcast because while Rob is sort of a newbie in the Pinball world, Mike and I are not. Mike owns a couple of games, Rob none I believe, and I own a Space Mission. That being said I’m the one in the group that probably takes Pinball the most seriously. I play a lot in competitions and was ranked under 1k at one point but now I’m ranked 1082. My last tourney I came in 2nd out of 15 but it wasn’t officially sanctioned so, oh well.

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Our newest episode is now up! We talk about an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial re-theme, how we got into Pinball and why we play Pinball among numerous topics.