Bat City Open 2017 stream

Fri 7p-1a
Sat 10a-1a
Sun 10a-

Central time


Anyone else checked out the archived stream yet? It seems to freeze every 5 seconds or so. Is this just on my computer or is it the video?

Doing it to me on my iPhone too.

We had a few internet issues. Hopefully it will be better today. Thanks for watching!

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During the stream yesterday it was mentioned the laptop being used was having high cpu utilization causing the freezing. I also didn’t notice any frames that were being dropped which would indicate internet issues.

When I was commentating at the end of the day, I did notice the source video studdering for lack of a better term. I remember one instance right when Eric was about to tour on TAF. But is certainly was not unwatchable. I don’t know if this is the same you guys are seeing on twitch.

It was unwatchable on Twitch, at least on my end. 2 seconds of smooth action, 3 seconds of stuttering. :frowning:


Xsplit was showing cpu use in the 70% range or lower. I have some ideas we can try today but I wont be there til after 1p.

Just tuned in. Currently same problems as yesterday

They’re going to try switching to mobile data starting at 1 pm local time (2 pm ET).

So right now the plan is to try to use someones cell data at the tournament. I don’t have the USB wifi adapter for the rig at Buffalo Billiards and I’m not going to be able to make it to BB til after 1p. So hopefully we can have it fixed sometime after that.

Got the cell data going. Looks like the stream is doing fine now. Enjoy!


Could you please put the archived videos on Youtube, thanks.

Probably. We need to make sure the local recording is not corrupted.

Thanks for persevering through the tech challenges. I appreciate getting to watch some of these players from afar.

Constructive feedback: I was watching towards the end of the stream last night and the commentator (who’s name I didn’t capture) was clearly just DONE. Additionally, people were distracting him from focusing on the stream. I’d suggest that in this case, either totally commit to play-by-play or simply announce - and maybe label on screen - who’s playing what and let the action take it from there. The middle-ground of a commentator who was (understandably) lost as to what was happening wasn’t great.

It’s completely understandable at the end of a long day like that to just have someone running the stream, and skipping commentary. A label for player and current score to beat, or something else would have been plenty of information and a quality viewing experience.

The commentator was clearly smart, informed and able to be articulate. So, please don’t take this feedback as a dig or even a complaint.

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During qualifying? If so I’d say we were lucky to have anyone on the mic. Most streams forgo qualifying completey for this reason and we try to have at least games to watch even if no one is on the mic. Glad you enjoyed the coverage and hope you are enjoying the finals. Thanks for watching


Nicely done all weekend. Keep up the great work.

@BrewinBombers that may have been me, and you were right, I was done pretty done by then, I only stepped in because I noticed no one was closing the day out, so I took over. And yes the distractions were due to me being the last tech working at that time as well.
After @GarrettHays and recover we will figure out uploading the stream to archive on a YouTube channel.
Thanks again for watching all weekend and bearing with us.

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Day 1 qualifying video is finally up.


8 hour day two qualifying video got cut off because my pc restarted for an update at 87% uploaded :frowning:

Here’s the classics finals though