Banned from IFPA-tournaments by Sunk Pinball

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Story time dude.

If you feel the need to hide why you are banned, I can’t see a lot of people siding with you, or even making an opinion on the matter.

Second if you are not banned from the IFPA, but only the venue, then you’re title is misleading.

Third, what does that e mail have to do with anything?!


Seems like it is though. Or should be. No one will have much sympathy until they know why you’ve been banned. And maybe not even then. But definitely not now.


I was involved in a similar situation from the other side quite a few years ago. First thing is that if you are banned from a location , then that location can still hold open IFPA events without your participation. Second thing is, time heals all wounds. Give them some space and time, show good faith, and hopefully you can resolve your differences and begin participating again.

In the meantime, if you have another location available, you can always start hosting your own IFPA events.


The reason why I’m banned is …complex… and messy, to say the least. I won’t go there. That’s another thread, that won’t be posted. I don’t want to mention any names here, just Sunk Pinball as an organization. And I’m not looking for people siding with me. I’m wondering if this is all in order with IFPA regulations.

Why is the title misleading? Sunk Pinball are banning me from playing IFPA-tournaments. I know that IFPA isn’t banning me.

I like the irony/sarcasm/destiny, sort of, in the email vs. getting banned from IFPA-tournaments by Sunk Pinball.

In my experience yes. They allow you to ban whomever you want. They might try to have both parties resolve their differences but they mostly stay out of it.


… learning how to quote !!! … :innocent:

I’m not looking for sympathy. However, I am looking for some “justice” in this. It’s not fair by any means now. I accept the ban if, at least, one more person is banned. There’s no way I’m accepting this situation.

You can’t look for justice without sharing why you have been wronged.

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I strongly recommend you do accept it and work on improving your behavior. Don’t worry about why others weren’t banned, just be worried about why you were banned and try to improve on it.

If it was truly something unwarranted then you shouldn’t want to play there anyway.

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I will not mention any names, but I can say that I’ve been threatened with violence by more than one person from Sunk Pinball. Even at my home. At night. That’s no good. I don’t want to go into more details.

It’s extremely messy and I have not been behaving very well myself. I’m not violent though. I accept the ban if (at least) one more person is banned. No problems. I have done nothing wrong at Sunk Pinbal, and not at any pinball tournament. Ever.

If you done nothing wrong, why would you accept the ban if another person is banned? Seems very strange.

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I was planning to run a 24 hour tournament, but that’s not gonna happen. I’m done with organizing pinball tournaments (I used to organize them in the early 2000s). And I think I’m done with competitive pinball, more or less. At least in Sweden. It seems… I think the Swedish pinball “scene” reeks, in many ways, to be honest.

I will probably play a tournament in Japan and possibly INDISC 2021. But that might be it. I would like to play the IFPA World Championships (I guess I’m capable of winning) but that’s not gonna happen. I won’t spend vacation days, and them money chasing IFPA-ranking points.

While the conversation has been quite civil, this isn’t the place to be having it, so I am closing this thread.