Bally Strange Science any good for tourneys?

Iā€™m probably going to buy a Strange Science from a mate. Do you think this will be ok for tournaments? I like to have something unusual in my tourneys for fun eg right now I have Stern Nine Ball in my lineup and players are loving that (even tho it has lock stealing and the occasional code freak out)

Have you read the PAPA notes?

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No, thanks for the link. Looks dodgy, but I might try it with the suggested modifications.

"Strange Science
Bally Midway ā€“ 1986

Tournament Issues: The upper flipper is frequently incapable of loading the Atom Smasher. The lower right flipper is also frequently incapable of knocking a locked ball free of the atom smasher. Locked balls carry over both between players AND between games. If a player does manage to start multiball, he or she will likely win due to the extremely unbalanced nature of multiball scoring.

Setup Notes: The only way to make this game competition-friendly is by keeping the pitch low, installing stronger flipper coils or upgraded flipper mechs, and ensuring players can easily knock a ball back through the Atom Smasher to start a two ball multiball. This helps to reduce the lock carry-over issue since it becomes far more likely players will attempt to start 2-ball or 3-ball multiballs as opposed to having everyone playing for the same shared 5-ball scoring-fest. Stronger flippers also help to ensure more feeds from the anti-gravity ramp make it the whole way around the volt-meter to feed the upper flipper. The more consistent this feed is to the upper flipper the better the game plays. Also, the monkey on this backglass is clearly the more sane of the two shown.

Lock Stealing: Yes
Preferred Software Revision:
Reasonable Competition Game: No ā€“ Lopsided Scoring"