B / Novice Division Thresholds, Sizes and Prizes


We get a great turnout at our show, and offer cash and prizes for A, B restricted, Novice restricted and Women’s restricted, everybody plays in the same tournament and we just split out in the different skill levels and provide prizing to all divisions in playoffs. It is a great way for some of the non competitive divisions a taste of how a playoff format works and get them hooked on trying to improve their standing each year. I think this type of format really encourages maximum participation.


Leagues in these parts submit results based on end of regular season standings. The finals is a separate one evening event that is played just for money/trophies.

I don’t like the idea that you might play 8 or 10 weeks in a league and then drop 16 spots because you couldn’t attend one specific night.


We do the same thing in the FSPA. Final standings after 10 weeks are what’s submitted, league playoffs are just for the local glory (and prizes).


We polled our players with changing to this format in mind, and had an overwhelmingly negative response! Different strokes, I guess. Then again, we’ve never had a no-show for a league final thus far crosses fingers