Atlanta Pinball League Presents: ScottBurgh

Hi All,

This is to announce that we will be having a Pinburgh style 24 player event. Please join us!

October 20, 2018 5PM
SK1 Residence (Atlanta, GA) - PM me for details
$10 entry fee

You can register here:

If you have questions, just ask!

Eric Green

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More Details:

  • $10 entry
  • Food and drink provided
  • 1st and 2nd place trophies

It’s filling up fast. Any idea on a start time?

Oh, I just saw the 5pm start time. 6 rounds x 4 games. This could last till 3-5AM.

Hey Eric, please delete me from the tourney. I just can’t do the late start time. I’ll let Scott K know as well. Thanks.


Thanks so much for attending the tournament yesterday. Hope you had a great time playing a ton of pinball in a relatively short period of time. 448 games were played between the 28 players in the first four rounds and this was complete by around 10:30PM! Thanks also to Scott Kutheis for being an excellent host!

Congrats to our winner Ellis Mount! Ellis, Chris Compton, and Scott Kutheis round out our top three.

Results below.

            Pos	Player	IFPA ID

1 Ellis Mount 44100
2 Chris Compton 7476
3 Scott Kutheis 9982
4 Braden gentry 35939
5 Addison Mount 41624
6 Stephen Gentry 44099
7 Paul Anderson 42114
8 craig Kubik 33568
9 Brian Lunsford 34952
9 David Baum 16180
11 Eric Green 38984
12 Scott Mount 41625
12 Dean Story 62856
14 Charlie Gehlhaus 928
15 Doug Knoll 19231
15 Craig Brodsky 34372
17 Mark Jarzewiak 19235
18 Alberto Luna 41628
19 Dennis Graham 44667
20 Mark Neely
21 Mark McGuire 30906
21 William Garrison 53861
23 Brett Berlin 58336
24 Gil Nogalski 56986
25 Clayton Smith 16076
26 Kevin Park 65738
27 Jason Loss 21983
28 Tina Park 35895

Take care,

Eric Green

FYI first four rounds were complete by 10:30PM. Finals (two rounds) were complete around 12:30am. I kept it moving!

Revised link: qualifying only (1st 4 rounds)

Congrats to Ellis Mount! I really missed going to this one, but I still would’ve been getting home after 2am. Thanks Eric for the update and maybe I can make it next time.

I totally understand. You could have stayed with the Mounts at the Air BnB, but I don’t think I would want to do that either :slight_smile: