Are you a Walker or a Watcher?


I’m a walker to a fault. Even if I don’t know the game well I rarely will watch an opponent. If I am tired I will sometimes sit and occasionally glance at the DMD/score. But if I am all nervous I will walk and sometimes play video games (if the tourney is at an arcade) just trying not to think about anything. Or I will go chat with people.

Not to say I never watch. I will watch my opponent play an EM if I don’t know it. Since the ball times will be short and I might learn something important. I will also watch for a ball or so to learn how the kickouts are feeding on certain games like TAF or FH if I have never played that one.


If I’m having a bad game, I generally walk in an attempt get my mind back in the right place. If I’m having a good game, I will usually watch.