Are circuit finals live?

I’m scouring the net and twitch but I cant seem to find live footage?

Not yet. Supposedly they won’t start streaming until they reach the ladder portion.

Will be streamed at

People are there now chatting and staring at the black screen and waiting for scores to refresh.

Dunno why PAPA decided not to stream the first two rounds.

Ok gotcha thanks! This is super exciting!

… because streaming for 5 hours is hard enough? :slightly_smiling:

… because committing 4 people’s manpower is difficult when there are 10 groups competing at once?

… because any such broadcast could focus on only a fraction of the players in action?


I probably earned a bit of the snark because my post was whiny. I just wanted to watch more of the circuit finals and was disappointed that they weren’t able to stream any of the matchplay portion.

I didn’t intend this as a snarky response. These are legitimately the reasons why it didn’t happen, especially when there is an 8-hour broadcast that will have to be prepared and delivered only a few days later.

Lack of manpower had a piece to do with it as well.

With 10 groups, Mark & Doug were both serving as directors. It would be difficult to keep an eye on 10 games at once, and everything needs to run smooth the first year of a new format,

Jon was playing, so he was unavailable to run the boards,