Anything worth doing Monday in Pitt?

I am arriving tomorrow because I can make chain it with some meetings. I know there is the Tuesday tournament (thanks to whoever organised that).

Are there any location pinball hot spots? Anyone else looking for something to keep them busy monday? I encourage answers that complete.

Throwndowns at ________ , ________ pm.

Kickback Pinball Cafe in Lawrenceville:

They support PAPA and event lent us some games for Replay last year.


Where is the Tuesday tournament? Can someone provide link?

straight from IFPA calendar :slightly_smiling:

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I’m free in the evening (after 5pm) if you want to do something/play pinball/see the city, your call. Kickback is a nice place east of the city if you’re looking for a pinball fix though!

Cool. I plan to head to kickback after work, it is pretty close. I will probably show up there between 5:30 and 6. I welcome company from you or anyone looking to play Pinball and talk Pinball. But don’t feel obligated.

May not be a unique description, but I will be the balding guy with scruffy hair, beard and glasses. Answers to the name Ian (or goat).

I’m this guy.

I realize it might be stupid to mention a non-pinball happening, but after Pinburgh a few years ago I took a road trip out to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater which is about an hour outside Pitt. It is one of the most famous houses in the world, and the tours are fantastic. Well worth the trip.

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I’ll +1 this. I’ve been there a few times in my life and I’ll go back anytime I have a chance. All the amazing art and architecture I’ve ever seen pales in comparison to the place. I think it’s that good. And if you do go, and you hear a funny noise in or around the upstairs bedroom, it’s possibly the ghost of my grandfather who much to the dismay of the entire tour group and docent, ripped a huge noisy fart just outside the door. :mask:

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We do have awesome museums and other such attractions in town - check out the Carnegie Museums if you want to kill a few daytime hours in the east end or north of downtown.

Kickback is cool, decent sandwiches and coffee drinks and BYOB - Atlas Bottle Works ( is right down the street (attached to Row House Cinema) and has a great beer selection. (And the Atlas/Row House owner is a longtime Pittsburgh Pinball League member!)

Speaking of beer, you can now buy beer (less than a case per person) at most Giant Eagle supermarkets; you have to pay separately at the cafe register though. is pretty decent for finding machines - if you find places that aren’t accurate, please submit updates!

The Tuesday (and next Monday) tournament is on the South Side, a few blocks behind Doublewide Grill (toward the river). It’s a private location so the outside of the building isn’t marked, maybe it says something about a gym? The address is on the calendar and there’s also a FB event: