Any operators ever used Pindemption??

Curious if any operators have had any success with JJP pindemption or Stern’s version? Thinking about testing this. Thoughts?
Or should we just buy a Bay Tek game?
And yes josh I have some RT pieces quite happy with them :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a ticket game, I’d probably go with Bay Tek just because they’re the well known folks. The arcade enthusiasts like them, they have fun games, and they’re relatively graceful with jackpot edge cases (no salty players feeling cheated).

Any of the wheels are classic, although I’m impartial to Squiggle.

Yeah Bay-Tek Rocks! I have a feeling pindemption has flaws, but if it can earn similar to other redemption pieces then the 7k price tag is very competitive.

If you turn it on. First back up your game’s settings. Then when you turn it off, restore your settings.

Turning it on disables flying monkey, only lets you put in money for one game at a time. And other things I’m forgetting.

LTG : )

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Any idea of the earnings vs standard pins?

I’m sorry no. I do tech support for JJP and installed it in my game to learn about it. I don’t run redemption equipment in my arcade. So I don’t have it enabled for normal use.

LTG : )

It’s ok don’t sweat it :slight_smile:

Old school pindemption lol

Yes. Virtual i do. Stern doesnt have a virtual kit for spike games yet and some games code does nt support it. I made my own harness to attatch from card reader to node board with some resistsors as needed.

lloyd, is there a kit for virtual tickets (like the sacoa card reader system)? id like to try for RR WOZ 2.0 but no answer from JJP. ive messaged through website and left phone messages.

I don’t think a kit is available. You do need to get the dongle from them.
LTG : )