Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships


He was also cuing us announcers. It was a heck of a setup for his first time stream of this magnitude. Definitely subscribe to his channel!!



Can’t speak to the stream, but the event was great. Those were some really fun games to play on. I got that one good game I needed to secure a spot in finals while the live music was happening, so it didn’t bother me (and others seemed to quite enjoy).

Only criticism: more free play games!

‘Tis a trek for me, but I’ll try and make it back next year.


Another big shoutout to Marc Patenaude of Backhand Pinball on twitch at

His live production provided great coverage with the video feed. I just want to point out the collaboration with Benjamin Furiga on sound design and @djreddog from Delaware that made it all sound amazing in person.

Check out Benjamin’s podcast, NYC Pin Pod, which was broadcasting audio live from the event (and available after the fact in his feed).


Great to watch the final 3 games here on the other side of the planet.

Levi, Storm and Jason made a great commentary team. That level of enthusiasm is what we should see in all streams!

And yes Levi, I picked up your Accept reference. :slight_smile:



Sean “The Storm” Grant destroys the NYCPC 2019 stage!!!



I enjoyed all of the stream very much, including Levi’s expletives. Top job!!


The commentary, while highly entertaining most of the time, certainly crossed the line several times, in my opinion. Jokes about people as invalids and “cripples” and allusions to spiking your primary sponsor’s product are not what I imagine as “PG-13” and sponsor-friendly. These occurrences put a damper on an otherwise successful broadcast.


What you didn’t like the throbbing sword references? lol


LOL There’s a time and place for pulsing penis jokes I suppose…


Not sure how that’s a penis joke, some of you guys have dirty minds!

It’s hard to keep everybody happy and I know some people aren’t going to enjoy everything. I’d just suggest at this point you know what you are getting when I’m on the mic, so if it’s not your cup of tea you should just turn off the sound rather than constantly say you are going to turn off the sound.

Todd Seaver’s threats to do this have so far rung hollow and I’m kind of tired of hearing them. I’m not sure why you’d continue listening to something you know you won’t like, over and over again.

I will say we had - believe it or not - a live radio alternative to the official NYCPC stream. In the future I’d suggest watching the stream while listening to NYCPC Pin Pod’s live audio commentary for a family-friendly alternative. It is our fault for not promoting this better. Benjamin and pin pod did a fantastic job on sound production for us throughout the weekend and we hope to be working with and promoting his show and services in the future. Benjamin made a great teammate of our streamer backhand pinball for our overall audio/visual production as pointed out by HipSmart. Couldn’t be prouder of our team from top to bottom - including Fred and Jared at PAPA in bringing us some of the finest machines on the planet to elevate yet another component of our event to the next level.


Levi, I live for your commentary and enthusiasm! I was dying laughing most of the time. Only thing I would say it mayyyybe don’t allude to people that it’s gonna be PG-13 next time :wink:


Yeah that may have been a little optimistic.

Next time we’ll probably just say it’s intended for adult Audiences, in line with the twitch disclaimer everybody saw when they tuned in.

I do think the idea of promoting a family friendly simulcast is interesting and maybe something with potential if there’s an audience for it.


The stream should just have an 18+ warning on it, especially when Levi is on there. I have commentated with Levi before but he is talking at an 18+ level and it should be noted on the stream whenever he is on. IMO he is the best in the business but his commentating I believe is at a 18+ level. Thou if you look at movies these days PG13 does have a ton of swearing so I get why they marketed this way.


For an international audience suspect PG would be fine! The commentary was excellent. I’m pretty surei had to click on that the content was for mature audiences also.


I mute the commentary when you are in the booth / on the C-team. When you disappear I listen as the other team members have it going on. Thanks for assuming.


I have a feeling your are going to start seeing a lot more commentary in my style, so hopefully you don’t wear out your mute button.

Regardless thanks for tuning in and listening when the A team was on. It was a great weekend for Marc and Backhand Pinball with thousands of views and hundreds of new subs. Lots of donations as well!

Well-deserved Marc!


Todd really gets it, what can I say. :joy::joy::joy:


For me, I guess the question is: What was the point of using crass references or vulgarities?

I, and am sure many others are no strangers to mature themes and language. Of course, most things in that spectrum have a target audience and a vocabulary/subject expectation level.

Maybe I am in the minority, but in any pinball tournament stream or pinball tutorial, I just can’t fathom that there is a large percentage of the audience thinking there should be more foul language or crude humor.

It seems to me saying upfront or even after the fact that a pinball stream was “PG-13” or “adult humor” is more of a “You were warned that this is the way I am, and f-you if you don’t like it” approach rather than meeting any demand.

We don’t have that many viewing options in competitive pinball, so, yes, turning the sound off was an option, but it seems unnecessary that muting the audio should even have to be an option.

Anyway, my sincere thanks to those involved in streaming it, and I hope the above comments are taken constructively.


I liked the commentary for the most part. Levi isn’t on the whole time which is welcomed. Haha. I think he does a great job in a limited basis. Some of the stuff is spot on and hilarious, other times it’s too much. And it was hard to listen when his voice was shot. Probably should’ve called it when there was no voice left.

Great stream, and all the commentators were knowledgeable and excited. That makes for a great stream imo.


Not every type of stream commentary is for every type of listener. I didn’t think it was outlandishly crash and I watched the entire thing start to end. Possible that I missed something particularly offensive, of course, what offends some doesn’t always offend others. I heard exciting commentary that was supportive of B finalists and women players. I didn’t hear any exclusionary remarks. Some 12 year old-esque sexual humor and some holyfuckballs exclamations, I can handle, but again, not gonna be for everyone.