Announcing the 2016 California Extreme tournament


Yes. That is the long version. If I have taken control of the game and something goes wrong, try to trap, call over an official and ask them how to proceed.

If I have not taken control of the machine, I continue to not take control. I will stop and think if there is a strategic advantage to taking control (e.g. taking control after another player plunged my ball). But I want to do that consciously. Even in the case I take control I will likely try to craddle and call over an official.

To be fair, I never liked the wording on the interference rule. It has that declare intent phrase. If I don’t verbally declare my intent, yet take position and flip once and drain, what happens?


Andrei is a location boy at heart. We don’t see his initials as much in the south bay these days, but he gets around the east bay and the city plenty. There is no way Andrei will ever react differently in that situation. When you regularly pay for your games, you want to get your money’s worth.

The idea of training yourself not to react when balls are unexpectedly launched into play seems crazy to me. Do you play on location much? I could never do that.


Plus, he was already “up” on the machine, in the middle of his ball. He was just taking a shoe/spit break. So all the stuff about not having addressed the machine isn’t applicable. Right?


That’s the point I was trying to make.

No matter how many water breaks I take after I’ve started my ball, those breaks are all during “live play” for me. Should I be taking a drink, the ball goes through ball search and kicks balls out and then they all drain while I’m spilling water on myself freaking out . . . I’m f*cked :slight_smile:


Really? I was watching the other game at the time. I thought it was start of ball. If it was after lock then I take back everything I have said today.

As for location question, that is why I am trying to teach myself habits for competition. I take every advantage I can on location or in LTDs. On our spiderman at work, I intentionally trap balls in sandman all the time in multiball. I find it very stressful playing under rules other than play it as it lays.


It was after a lock :slight_smile:


Can someone link to or give the timestamp of Andrei’s situation?


2:21:00 ish


it would be fun to see that :slight_smile:


That’s when I switch to this:


Some players would have that foaming and sloshing all over the place with how they dance around while they play. Can we get a ruling on how to handle a situation where I get beer in my eye and drain from the player’s beer hat on the machine next to me?


Minor malfunction, play on.


Man, I miss when I could go to these


Apparently it is conflicting with ReplayFX again this year…


This blows, again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Plus side is I’ll be able to save the two vacation days I had planned on using :+1: