Announcing the 2016 California Extreme tournament


lots of lurking required to see what is what before playing… :slight_smile:


I can post notices on the game pages in DTM also.


Coming to CAX? Register for the tournament and save yourself from waiting in the registration line.

Edit: Also, if you’d like a custom profile photo for the tournament (instead of an on-site webcam photo) PM me a photo here and I’ll attach it to your profile. Include your player number please and only send a real photo of you, not some meme :slight_smile:

Bob is the exception (if he’s coming):


I love love love the pre-registration in DTM. Such a great feature, especially for those of us with long and/or foreign names.


Disappointing I can’t use the same profile image I use everywhere else, but I’m sure I can come up with an interesting ‘real photo’. Just need to pick up some body paint tonight…

On a more serious note, I assume Friday qualifying is only open to exhibitors/vendors/volunteers?


No, Friday qualifying is open to all even though the show is not yet open.


I’m asking for “Real Photos” so the scorekeepers can identify players during score entry (helps reduce score entry mistakes greatly) and for the broadcast audience.


^^^ This! Most of the Bat City volunteer scorekeepers approached me during or after their shift to tell me how much they appreciated this new feature.


A couple new additions to the game lineup: Card Whiz and Blue Chip!


n00b (aka first time tournament player altogether…) question.

Is the game list for the tourney posted online somewhere?

Can’t wait to get there :grin:


Yeah you can find it earlier in the thread


Gah I’m blind too apparently. Thanks @heyrocker!


I know the real tournament is just getting started, but my tournament is done, so I thought I was give tanks and feedback while I kill time before watching the finals.

First, huge thanks to @heyrocker and @JimiWolf for a well run tournament. Thanks to everyone else working hard all weekend and all the volunteers.

Great game selection. Too bad future spa never made it in and grandprix got red flagged. Blue chip is a really interesting game.

The cypress room was really nice setup. This is my first CAX, so I cannot compare to the past, but I liked the setup. I think having an on deck chair on the player side of the tables might have been good. But I might be wrong there, it also might have just taken up space and made it harder to move around. Lighting was good, temperature was good. Close to washrooms and water. Maybe having a lounge outside the room to chill at if the convention center would be cool with it would be nice.

Competition was strong. As a B level player it was great to see the high level of skill on display.

I will continue to have mixed feeling about limited entry tournaments. I understand it is a necessity to keep queues dow on Saturday. But like TPF, I spent a lot of time not playing. I could have got through many entries Friday night and Saturday morning before things got crazy. Since it was limited entry, I never played AFM since I know I will not do well. But I would have liked to. If limited entry is the format of the future, Karl (not mentioning by name because I don’t want to trigger a notification before you start playing your final) I would love to see # entries remaining on the main standings page.

Final suggestion would be to get a notification system for scorekeepers to find TDs. Remote light or something. You guys did a good job, but trying to find you in a room when we needed to unstuck balls (which happened a lot over the weekend) was time consuming.

Final comment is players not being present when they come up. Skipped 3 times get dequeued works well. But I think their needs to be something to discourage the people who are constantly being skipped. It wastes everyone’s time as the next person in the queue often isn’t ready.

Reached the bottom of my coffee, so I guess I will stop. Fun time. Good to see people I am getting to know better and meet a few new faces. Off to watch the finals. Look forward to seeing people at pinburgh


California Extreme was my first tournament ever and I have to echo the sentiment from @gammagoat in that the event seemed to be very well run and efficient. Thanks to all involved in running it (the score keeping app is pretty awesome, though being able to still use it locally when the internet goes down should be looked into…).

Even though I didn’t play my best on anything outside of Expressway, I had a ton of fun and will be sure to be back again next year.


Uodate Wanted to amend something that bugs me a bit too, though my thanks and gratitude still stand.

I’m slightly annoyed that the official tournament site (and even in the initial announcement post above) state there will be a $20 award for game high scores in the qualifying only to find out that isn’t the case after I attempted to collect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m alright with the reasoning for the change but the change should have been more effectively communicated.

This does not sour my first taste of tournament pin in the least… Just something to keep in mind for the future.


For getting a score like that on Expressway, you should’ve got $100! d;^)

I tilted it both times I played it. Squeaked out a 45k game on only 3 1/2 balls.


Aaand now I see this…and of course I’m the first one to have this happened to in three years. :wink:


I hadn’t noticed that part. FWIW, nice score. No one else came close.


Thanks! I’m pretty proud of the fact that in my very first tournament I was able to take down a #1 score on a table. Now that I have this one under my belt I am hoping to use it as a spring board for my next tournament, though due to my location (Reno, NV), that may be hard to come by unless I start something with a to-be-determined shop.

These definitely aren’t setup like the tables I normally play, that’s for sure!


Would enjoy understanding the rule when player steps away from game to tie his shoe while balls pop out of hole . What would have happened if both balls drained?


edit. Ignore everything I say here and later in this thread about taking control. This was after ball, lock. 100% correct action to try to craddle the balls.

Before I give my opinion, let me say @heyrocker made a reasonable choice and by definition it was correct (tournament director’s override rule)

I haven’t seen the video, being there live I didn’t see the entire event clearily, but that has never stopped me from expressing an opinion. Couple things went wrong here. As a player, André should probably not have tried to craddle those balls. As soon as he did that, he was taking control of the game. Like if he chose to step in after another player plunged the ball. It doesn’t really matter to this ruling since the was a ball in the shooter lane and so he was not going to lose his ball. But I think a mistake.

“A minor malfunction is any incident without external cause which deviates from the normal course of gameplay, without directly causing a player’s loss of turn and without providing any player a significant advantage over others.”

In my opinion this was a minor malfunction. Drain the ball on the flipper and play the one in the shooter lane. The lane switch malfunctioned, André did not lose a ball. It was actually a beneficial malfunction since he got 2 balls in play without earning it. So he needs to let one drop.

I welcome argument. And of course want to here from el presidente. @pinwizj ?