Announcing the 2016 California Extreme tournament


I have no expectations other than pushing your buttons :wink: I wasn’t there last year so I can’t comment but the previous year when we were literally shopping out that f-14 friday night… It’s all good, I am going this year regardless of prize pool, format or games just to have fun.


any chance you are bringing Archer? :slight_smile:


I agree wholeheartedly that 2014 was the worst of it, and thanks for helping work on the games :slight_smile:


No Archer, sorry. Next year when the code is further along the plan is to take it out to more shows.


Is there a reason I don’t see this on the IFPA Calendar?


Yes, technically, if it doesn’t get on the calendar this week, it won’t count!


We’re going with a No-WPPR policy this year as an experiment to see how it affects turnout.


Alright I was just kidding, I totally forgot to submit it to IFPA. Thanks for the reminder!


save by the bell :wink:


I was going through the official rules for the California Extreme tournament last night and the following minor changes are going into effect:

  • Tiebreakers in finals will no longer be random draw for machine. Instead top seed will have choice from amongst the games they have not yet played (henceforth referred to as the Trio clause.)

  • Tiebreakers for qualifying / byes from will change from random draw for machine to Survivor-style voting. Players each vote on a game they want to play. If there is a winner that game is played. If there is a tie, players revote between the tied games. If there is a winner that game is played. If not, then a game is randomly drawn from the games not voted for.

  • We are removing the $25 prize for top score on a game. I don’t think there was a single case the last two years of these going to someone who didn’t money anyways, so I’d rather just see that $300 worked into the prizes.

Here is the full rules document for reference.


We also have a partial game list. The following games are currently planned for the tournament.

Pinball Magic
Medieval Madness
Attack From Mars
Future Spa
Eight Ball Deluxe
Grand Prix (EM)


Going to disable the nascar garage scoop? No way it will make it through the whole weekend :wink:


Yep. I think we’re also going to set Medieval do have drawbridge always-down.


I thought the Trio clause was that @bkerins will play all tiebreakers on Trio


What is the purpose of disabling the drawbridge? I haven’t seen that at tournaments before.


Makes the castle all day strategy more difficult, we did it at cax two years ago too.


that and very sensitive slings with a tight tilt make repeating it much harder :slight_smile:


Oh, ok. I thought that was part of the strategy trade off of the game. But I see your point. Thanks for clarifying.


Since it’s limited can you post settings? taxi jackpot? EBD bonus collect with X?


At the very least I will post it on the games and/or at the desk.