Amazing Race Format and Discussion

Setting up a topic for discussion on the Amazing Race.

We ran it this weekend as a side event, and for the (most part) it went well. People who played it seemed to love it.


A) How should you deal with player(s) who have left from a tournament perspective?

We had 36 people start the race and it was run as a side event. When you hit the target score, you moved on the next game. We got to the point where some players were far ahead on round 24, but we realized that there were players who made it to Round 16/17/18 who had left.

In the software, since they couldn’t complete the game they were on because they left, I gave them a score of 10 and moved everyone else on. It essentially became a “walkover” for all other players. We ended up with 5 or so rounds like this.

My thought in the future is to make it so:

  • Lowest actually established score is out that round
  • If you fail to put in a score for the game, you are ALSO out that round and we will remove you from the queue on the software

B) How should you deal with player(s) who have left from an IFPA perspective?

For the event this weekend, the winner played 35 games. However, some of those games were determined to be walkovers well after the round started. Example:

  • Round 21 started and there are 16 people left
  • 8 people have played already
  • 7 have moved onto the next game
  • 1 person on the hot seat
  • 8 people have yet to play, but we realized that John Q. Pinball left
  • John Q. Pinball gets last and a score of 10 and is in 16th place for the event
  • Every remaining player gets a “walkover” and moves onto the next game

I think this event is still 35 TGP but I need to know if the “walkovers” are somehow not treated the same way.

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I think the IFPA has an 50% rule but how does that work when people are cut each round?

Paging @PinballNarcissist. Your knowledge is requested.

Evan runs a great event and definitely would be the one to know.

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Apologies for the delay. I typically only use the format as a finals format, so pretty much nobody is going to leave during that. IF they did, I would mark them as a zero (low score) for the next game they were supposed to play and they would’ve been the person out.