All-STARS Tournament in NYC featuring MINIMIZED WPPRs on Oct 29th

Crazy Levi’s Pinball is hosting a tournament played entirely on different copies of Stern STARS.

This is already set to be the the best STARS-only tournament ever in the history of pinball, but we need your help to make it even better. That’s why we’re offering anyone who brings or sells a Stern STARS to Crazy Levi’s Funtorium FREE ENTRY into the tournament.

Part of the STARS tournament also includes a side tournament which has the LOWEST TGP AVAILABLE BY LAW in WPPR v5.1. 4% TGP. It will be a 1-ball qualifying followed by a series of head-to-head 1-ball games culminating in the only counted game for TGP: a 3-ball Final head-to-head match.

Facebook event link here:



I’ll be out of town but GODSPEED Y’ALL.

I thought under current “law” all games had to be 3 ball minimum unless it was similar to pingolf where a goal could be achieved in fewer balls.

I recall Josh saying the next WPPR iteration could change those types of rules allowing for some very unique formats.



For it to count towards TGP, yes.

Next year these 1 ball games would count as 1/3 TGP per game. This year … Zero.

Ok makes sense, which explains why there is exactly one game counted for a TGP of 4 %. For some reason I thought the whole tourney had to comply.

Guess this won’t be the time to decide to compete out of state :slight_smile:

I really wish it was practical to bring my stars, but I don’t think I can make it.

Are you going to have any 2p stars? I have heard rumours but never had the pleasure. I mean I have flipped the dip switch, who hasn’t, but not with a real 2p backglass.

No no no! You’re validating the DBS format! :wink:

That’s right folks. 1 game played for TGP.

Trying to climb back into the NY States race? You certainly won’t be able to here!

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CrAzY Levi’s STARS-a-tournament 1 BALL MINIMIZED TOURNAMENT starts in 15 mins