Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle Rulesheet

Doesn’t look like anyone has turned it into a wiki. One of the mods can do it.

Rulesheet has been Wikified.


Updated with my partial knowledge of the latest code (1.07)

Extra ball is also lit when you start your 3rd mode (Frank MB counts as a mode).


So does hitting the end of mode Hurry Ups increase the base scoring on forthcoming modes? What incentives and perks are these Hurry ups giving apart from points, if any?

And how did I light the Special on the right loop? Mystery?..x amount of Combos?? This pin is nuts… I love it!!

Mork calling Orsen… Come in, Orsen…

impressive stuff by @kdeangelo, once again plowing through Wizard mode!


Does anybody know how the weapons work in the new code?

Updated with item rules

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So if you collect either of the two items for a Monster, then you get the listed benefit for the Monster’s item?

Yep. As far as I’ve seen, both items do the same thing for a given monster, and it’s impossible to collect both anyway due to your path through the castle

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Is there a saved video of Bowen’s seminar on the rules of ACNC? I’d like to get a good explanation of how to maximize the value of the monster hurry ups.


I don’t recall it ever being uploaded to youtube. There is this one by Backhand Pinball with Bowen.

Based on either this video, or maybe it was Karl’s wizard mode run? … I seem to recall the hurry-up is based on your performance during the mode’s completion Frenzy phase? I’m sorry, I’m not certain.

Paging @bkerins

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Yes, the hurry-up starting value is the points scored during the Frenzy phase of that monster battle, with a minimum base value of 5M * (# monsters defeated, including this one). The hurry-up counts down to 2.5M * monsters.

There is no maximum to the hurry-up starting value.


Hell yeah. Thanks Bowen!

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Quick follow up. I notice that the mode shots are also lit during the frenzy portion. Do those add to the value as well, or just those orange frenzy shots?

Mode shots during Frenzy count, and often are the majority of the Frenzy total. Then you get the chance to double it.

How do you get the chance to double it?

I have edited the hurry up portion of the rules to hopefully make it more clear.

I just mean any points you score during Frenzy can be scored again with the hurry up, effectively doubling it.

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