Aerosmith Rulesheet


I’m fairly certain it’s only at the 6-ball level. Thx @vandergugten!


Base J values are: 3-ball: 500K, 4-ball: 600K, 5-ball: 700K, 6-ball: 1M. Base value resets after collecting DSJ and for subsequent Toy Box MBs.

Don’t own the machine anymore, so cannot validate for 1.07.0.


Re Toy Box MB. AFAIK, max playfield multiplier is not based on number of balls locked. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

From my notes: a shot to the Toy Box followed by the Lock gives “2x for 20 sec.”. Making those same two shots while 2x playfield is running gives “3x for 20 sec.” 3x is the maximum.

If someone can confirm, I’ll be happy to edit the wiki.


So you’re saying that even with only 2 balls remaining in Toys MB, that you can do one Lock/PFx sequence to get 2x, and then with your remaining ball (assuming physical locks are enabled) you can do the sequence again to get 3xPF, but then have both balls in play? This is identical to Groot MB behavior, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is how Toys behaves.

But I seem to recall from gameplay that once you’re down to 2 balls, the game won’t let you qualify 3xPF.


Not sure about this. It’s been a while since I played AS and didn’t verify this glass off.


It allows you to qualify + run it, but you get both balls dispensed into play.


OK, so I’ve currently played up to Medley, but not Final Tour.

I’m gonna make a run at it again, but I want to think about how the mechanics of this work. If I’m reading correctly, it sounds like completing a song in Medley will also cause its light to go solid, right? And there are extra points for all the modes you go in with solid, and could theoretically start Medley with all flashing lights (presumably less the three you can fully complete by cranking them up), and use it to complete all the rest of the lights, right?

Is there a set number of petals you need to have each song lit-flashing, or does it vary?


When you go into Medley, you get 10mil for 1st song completed, 20mil for 2nd, etc. etc. If you go into.Medley with all completed you get a 200mil bonus as well.

Iirc you only need to complete 1 petal to qualify song for flashing, to advance to Medley.

With latest code, no modes complete by hitting CIU and then draining as was previously the case.


The one I’m playing must not be quite current, then, lol.