Advice on 'long stance'

I’ve recently started adopting the @cayle / @heyrocker -style long stance when playing games to avoid leaning over/on games (I’m tallish). However, I recently played at a venue with slippery floors near one of the games such that my feet were sliding out from under me as I played.

By the end of that game some muscles were unhappy with me :confused:

Suggestions from the experts welcomed.

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Dry off your shoes really well (sorry I don’t have better than that)


You tall drinks of water already take up enough space as it is!

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What if it’s not the shoes, but the floor? What if it’s been recently polished or buffed?

New balance sells shoes with anti-slip soles that don’t totally suck (not steel toed work boots). Wide sizes too.

Cheapo non-slip shoes would probably work. They have some at payless that are pretty good.

If DJ was on this forum, we would be able to summon him for an answer. I can ask him next time I see him - if anyone’s had an issue with long stances, its got to be the Prince of the Split-Leg.

Question, wouldn’t long stance make you lose nudging leverage? Also, it must be super hard for talls to get really close to the flippers.

Don’t play in a butter factory.


Actually, in my experience, it improves nudging leverage. I combine “long” with “low” which means my arms are bent while I play, and I tend to be a little behind the game. I find this really makes nudging easier.

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If I try the long stance then I’d be eye level with the coin slots…If I try long stance on a gottlieb premier then I can tell you what color gum is stuck under the cabinet :confused:


And if I stand up straight I can’t reach the buttons: given the choice between slouching and stretching out my legs, the latter is both more comfortable and gives me more leverage for nudging.


I am surprised no one has suggested spitting on your hands and rubbing the bottom of your shoes for more grip. Maybe this technique is not being widely used :slight_smile:


first time I ever tried ‘liking’ a post twice.

Need one of those big NBA floor sweepers to clean the floor between balls.

Get a yoga mat, roll out yoga mat prior to your ball, take off shoes and socks, assume pinball pose.


I actually way prefer playing in socks, I just don’t get many opportunities given out locations.

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