ACDC Pro/Prem Differences

Hi there,

I have very little experience (read: three games total) on ACDC Pro, but lots of experience with Premium/LE, and Pro is in a tournament I have coming up.

I’m wondering if anyone could breakdown any differences in scoring/strategy on the two. Assume latest code.

Pro plays a lot faster due to standups instead of drops, bell is a standup instead of a moving bell.

Left ramp doesn’t feed cannon, there’s no under playfield, VIP passes don’t give 2x/3x credit.

HtH is the usual first-stop for tournament play on a Pro if the right ramp is easy. Blowaway qualifying scores sometimes use the cannon mode (For those about to rock) to repeatedly hit the bell in multiball to keep 2x going forever, and the left ramp to actually spell fire to collect the song bonus.