AC/DC Rule Sheet in beta


Are you saying that if you choose Hells Bells then the VIP no longer counts as bell shots, thereby advancing playfield x? I hope not. I was thinking this new rule would be in addition to the old rule, not in place of the old rule. Kinda like Greyjoy can earn you other house awards, the “Stuff” award would give you Hells Bells powers on any other song.


This is correct, VIP passes now -only- advance the bell shot for playfield multipliers through the “tunes and stuff” award.

I’m very positive on the change, as I felt that HB all day was too powerful of a strategy, because of the ability to advance or preserve a multiplier. (The value of this advantage could easily be worth tens of millions of points! A big disproportionate advantage for the old version of HB.)


Such awesome strategy and decision making will be missed by me though. I would’ve preferred vip passes to always count as a bell shot!


If you have Stuff lit, it carries over from ball to ball, so getting “Award Bell w/ VIP Pass” on the plunge is the only way to get a Super Skill Shot using a VIP Pass now.


The door to “awesome strategy and decision making” kinda opens more when you release a Premium/LE is no longer always about “Hell’s Bells all day”. :wink:


Should’ve been more clear…make vip passes always count for a playfield x shot no matter what song you’re in.


Trouble shooting the bell shot? Lol


I really like how the new code changes things on the premium. As someone who misses a lot, BIB may be my new goto. The 3 hit rule means the targets are up more and provide safety, while it also scores better.

Horns are tempting me into shots I would never have done before. This may pass, but it is adding new risk.

Multiball canon shot can also be valuable now. Awesome.

Other than a bunch of bugs that will hopefully be squashed soon, my biggest problem is I was planning to sell this game when my TNA arrives Ina couple weeks. Now I am torn.


Actually, I really don’t understand what triggers bank reset, but it resets more.