A new exploit on Indy 500?

On episode 150 of Pinball Profile, @cayle talks about a new exploit on Indy 500??? I don’t know the game well or have access to it, He talked about stacking MB with Turbo Boost, then every single jackpot is a Super Jackbot…what, what, what?

Anyone not named @cayle know how to do this?

Cayle’s opponent had this at the IFPA ECS Finals 2017 (and he demanded for a ruling - ruling was play on) - looks like he wanted to know more about it after this defeat. We tried to reproduce the stack, but couldn’t…
PAPA game notes say it’s a bug (“when the turbo isn’t loading balls correctly”), but maybe he found a way to reproduce it with a fully functional turbo.
Every shot in the Turbo gives a SP, but I’m not sure if it rewards a Turbo Boost JP too (I thought only the SP)

Can’t Turbo boost jackpots be larger than the super-jackpots of a reg multiball? For some reason I was thinking after 4 turbo jackpots (if you shoot the left ramp first to boost the score) it was at that point level or higher already.

Curious to know more about this so am tuned in.

no, turbo boost jp maxes at 90m and value is increased by 10m by each ramp and each turbo

I thought the super jackpot was only 60 million though. Does it increase?

Super Jackpot is always 60m and doesn’t increase

Right, so wouldn’t getting into a SJ bug actually be harmful vs a beneficial bug? The SJ is the turbo scoop which is where the turbo boost JP is scored. After a couple ramp scoop combos you are getting less points with a SJ vs just the turbo jackpot.

I know a lot of people go for SJ on this game but in reality it’s not really all that great or valuable on this game. In reg MB it’s the add a ball that is the reason to shoot the scoop. Otherwise I just focus on ramps.

Guess I’m still confused on the benefit of doing this stack.

exactly (if it doesn’t reward aTurbo Boost JP, which I’m not sure about it).
and yes, going for SJ isn’t as good as it sounds. Normal JP can be higher and you don’t get the add a balls anymore.

I figured the appeal of this would have to be that it awards both the super and an increasing Turbo jack. Otherwise, what’s the big deal?

Not sure. @cayle talks about it at the end of episode 150 of Pinball Profile…like it’s something worthwhile and I was intrigued. Especially with Indy 500 at ClePin next week.

That’s exactly what @cayle says the exploit does. He doesn’t say exactly how to pull it off, maybe there is a specific sequence of objectives in order to activate the exploit?

I love this game so may have to explore this next time I get a chance to play it.

Sitting here now, I think I would still prefer them separate and having the ability to add a ball in the reg MB.