4K Pinball streaming?

So, got an Apple TV 4K for xmas, now I wonder how close we are to getting 4K streams of Pinball events. Getting a nice big screen at that resolution would be really cool for watching Pinball.


It’s gonna take some time! 4k streaming is technically possible right now – in particular, YouTube promotes it – but it’s mostly infeasible because of the massive requirements for encoding 4k video in real-time. And most viewers don’t even have 4k hardware to see it!

Pinball streams might have it a little easier… Even using 1080p for capturing the vertically-oriented playfield would be 1080x1920, which is only a tad shorter than the horizontal 4k video stream at 3840x2160. So it’s possible to cheat with the 1080p cameras.

More likely you’ll see more and more recorded 4k footage in the near future. Give it a couple years for streams to catch up. For reference, Elgato just released their 4k capture card last month.


There are a few well-shot 4k pinball videos on YouTube and the difference is stunning. 4k was made for pinball.

Higher framerates could make a big difference as well. My camera shoots video at 4k30 or 1080p120 and the 120hz refresh rate is so buttery smooth that I almost prefer that. It also would work well for slow motion replays.

I recently watched Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk on UHD Blu-Ray at 4k60 and the level of detail is incredible (Although distracting for a film). Of course, that film takes up a 100gb disc and has a bitrate of around 100Mbps.

I look forward to 4k120 streaming in a decade! Although, by then we will probably have 8k TVs.


Just a matter of value. handling 4K streams needs serious bandwidth and equipment. As noted above increasing the frame rate is probably of more value to pinball. I think youtube are the only guys that do 4K and thats driven by 3D and VR applications. We stream 4K and VR to youtube for BT Sport.

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I’ll honestly just take a reliable way to have three cameras set up at 1080p and 60 fps and my computer being as far away from them as I want and the cameras to be wireless.


There are already 8k displays out there. Dell just released one in September… it’s around $4k.

And RED makes an 8k camera…

Will 8k ever be mainstream? Audio quality seems to have peaked. Not many people care about 24/96 audio. Some analysts think 4k will be the standard for a long time. Now for professional uses like theaters I think 8k is coming. Soon.

visit Japan or Korea and check out the 8k demand. Olympics will have a lot of 8K.