40 Hour Pinball Marathon Timelapses

Eden Stamm took a run at the guinness world record for pinball marathon recently - racking up 40 hours, against the current official 28 hour record. I did the camera setup to provide the video proof to Guinness.

I’ve got 40 hours of video from 5 cameras, (Available on request! it’s about a TB, you would have to mail me an external hard drive), but it’s a little boring to watch the entire thing.

Here’s ~6 minute timelapses from two of the cameras:

There were playfield and DMD cams, but on timelapse they don’t come out well.

Eden reset the audits before the run, and has totals, but doesn’t seem to have posted a full list yet. The two I know: 5675 hitchikers, 7 Lost in the Zones.


This is awesome!
What was his highest score?

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Ha, rad!

Do you know if he got sore from it? I think my neck would get sore.

I think that’s a safe assumption.

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