2023 and 2024 Events - Dates and Links

Germain, you mean 2024 I assume.

Note the show is the same dates as IFPA.

yes, 2024 :smiley:

It was the same last year, not a whole lot we can do unfortunately :confused:

For NW Champs, do you plan to stick with best 2 cards for Main and best 2 games on each Classic machine? With the new valuation of card-based games for 2024, you could drop back to one 5-game card next year for the same TGP for Main. Classics would need to keep the best 2 games per machine, though.

We will see, we have received pro/con feedback in our survey and will be discussing with the organizing team what changes we make-

I’ve updated the Pins & Pirates Rally entry with link to Eventbrite for tickets.

This event has no cap but if you pre-buy a full pass you will receive $20 worth of entries. This pass expires at Wednesday Nov. 29 @ 11:59 and is limited to the first 100 passes sold.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this event and I will answer them or ask CC if I don’t have the answer.

16th-18th February: Nordwestschweizer-Flippermeisterschaft
Registration for the first ECS event in the 2024/25 season starts today @ 19.00 CET
Main event ~200%TGP x 1.5 weight. Prize money for top finishers.