2023 and 2024 Events - Dates and Links

Event Date Location Website IFPA Status Type Pre-Reg Start
Pinbaltimore Sep 29 - Oct 1 Baltimore, MD site Open
UK Open Sep 29 - Oct 1 London, UK site Pro-Circuit
PinBaltimore Sep 29 - Oct 1 Baltimore, MD site Open
White Rose Gameroom Show Oct 6-7 York, PA site Open
District 82 Pinball Super Series Oct 12-15 DePere, WI site Pre-Reg Aug 5, 2023
NYC Pinball Championships Oct 13-15 Brooklyn, NY site Pro-Circuit Open May 20, 2023
Pinball Expo Oct 18-22 Schaumburg, IL Pro-Circuit Open
Music City Multicon Oct.27-29 Lebanon, TN site Pre-Reg Sept.1
OBX Flippers Nov 3-5 Grandy, NC Pro-Circuit Open
City (of Concord) Champ Nov 4-5 Concord, CA site Pro-Circuit Pre-Reg Sept 30
24 Hour Final Battle at the Sanctum Nov 4-5 Meriden, CT Pro-Circuit Pre-Reg
Houston Arcade Expo/Space City Open Nov 10-12 Houston, TX site Pre-reg Sep 3, 2023
The 2023 Mid-Atlantic Melee - A Womxn’s Only Event Nov 11 Wilmington, DE site Womens Pre-Reg Sep 24
Free Play Florida Nov 17-19 Lakeland, FL site Pro-Circuit
Electric Bat 5 Year Anniversary Bash Nov 18-19 Tempe, AZ site Certified Pre-Reg Oct 14
Southland Mega Matchplay Nov 18-19 Cleveland, OH site Certified Pre-Reg Sept 30
Pins and Pirates Rally Nov 30 - Dec 3 Anaheim, CA
Pincinnati Dec 1-3 Cincinnati, OH site Pre-Reg Jul 1
The 2023 Delaware Pinball Open Dec 8-10 Wilmington, DE site Certified Pre-Reg Oct 8
District 82 Frosty Flipper Series Dec 9-10 DePere, WI site 1 Certified Pre-Reg Oct 1
Seaside Champ III Dec 16-17 Seaside, CA TBA, topic Certified Pre-Reg Nov 1, 2023
INDISC / The Open Jan 4-8 Riverside, CA site Major + Pro-Circuit Open Oct 5, 2023
SPF 2024 Feb 1-4 Mesa, AZ site, topic 2 Certified Pre-Reg Sep 2, 2023
District 82 Winter Series Feb 16-18 DePere, WI site 1 certified Pre-Reg TBA
IFPA Pin-Masters Mar 8-10 DePere, WI site Pro-Circuit Pre-Reg Sep 30, 2023
Texas Pinball Festival Mar 15-17 Frisco, TX site Pro-Circuit Pre-Reg Sep 30, 2023
Kristiansand Pinball Open Mar 21-24 Norway site
Great Lakes Open Series Apr 12-14 DePere, WI site Pre-Reg tbd
Pinball At The Zoo Apr 18-20 Kalamazoo, MI
Golden State Pinball Festival May 17-19 Lodi, CA site
IFPA 18 Jun 7-9 Murietta, CA site Major Via Qualification

you can add NW Pinball Champs 2023, 9/8-10

Is that Great Lakes Open date confirmed?

NYC Pinball Championships - May 18-21, 2023

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2023, right Tim? :wink:

nice but yeah, 2023 right? :slight_smile:

Erik sent out an email Sept 19 with “save the dates” that included this event, so I assume it’s good.

Kristiansand Pinball Open (Norway) 23-26th of March.


Pintastic New England, including the Silverball Rumble (SM) and several other tournaments, will be September 7-10, 2023 in Marlborough, MA. For 2024, the dates are April 11-14, same venue. Official information will be posted on pintasticnewengland.com as details are settled.
…David Marston

Save The Dates - March 3-5, The Mid-Atlantic Open at the lavish Delaware Pinball Collective. Unlimited herb qualifying (pump and dump) with Main, Classics, and Women’s divisions each with their own banks.

Full details will be released in the next couple of days. Event will be capped at 100 players. Follow First State Flippers on Eventbrite and Facebook for full details.

UK Open 2023

September 29th-1st October - Hilton London Croydon
Stern Pro Circuit and ECS Qualifying
UK Open Main - £5000 First Prize - Card Format - Certified+
UK Open Ladies - £1500 First Prize - Card Format - Certified
Pinball Republic Championship - Card Format - Certified+
Classics I - Card Format
Classics II - Card Format
Juniors U14 Matchplay Free entry.

In the best city in the world :wink:


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Pincinnati 2023:

Tickets on sale 7/1

Tournament dates 12/1-12/3

Come blackout with us!! :nerd_face:


For NYCPC this year we are unlikely to be able to get the venue for May 19th-21st like we had hoped. For players who would be interested in attending, could you PM me to let me know if these dates would work for you, either April 28th-30th (weekend after PATZ, weekend before Pinfest Allentown) or May 12th-14th (weekend after Pinfest, Mother’s Day Weekend) an additional option we are considering is May 11th (Thursday) - May 13th (Saturday) to keep Mother’s Day open

NYCPC dates updated to October 13-15, 2023

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I saw some commentary online about how the '23 Pro-Circuit events were “like, they’re all sold out”, and I was curious whether that was true.

I converted the listings to a table, adding in all the Pro-Circuit events and my own personal understanding of whether it was open or pre-reg qualifying.

It’s a wiki, so feel free to edit it to correct or add info where we’re missing it.

We haven’t sold one ticket yet lol…

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seems unlikely since most of them haven’t opened registration yet :slight_smile:

This is great! I added a column with pre-registration dates for events that have published them.

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Can you add Pincinnati? 12/1-12/3, preregistration is 7/1, Cincinnati OH, website is www.Pincinnati.com

I don’t want to mess up the formatting of the first post.


Anybody know when PinBaltimore 23 is happening?

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