2022 NACS Super States?

I know that 2022 NACS will include the sanctioning fees from 2020/2021 events; but what about Super States? Will the event and unique player totals for qualification include 2020-2021, or just 2022 numbers?

Only 2022 events count in the standings, so Super State status will be based solely on the metrics from the 2022 season.

Thanks - there was some confusion since the Stats page for states is sometimes showing 24 players even if the state has not yet reached superstate status for 2022, for instance MD: International Flipper Pinball Association

Sounds like this page is inaccurate?

Confirming with @Shep but I believe that’s a bug that will soon be fixed :slight_smile:

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Just FYI the bug was that the stats page was counting “total players” and not “unique players” in triggering Super States status. This has been fixed.

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Remind me, super states need 400 unique players and 100 tournaments correct? And top 8 get a bye in those states since it’s 24 players for scs?


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