2022 NACS Super States?

I know that 2022 NACS will include the sanctioning fees from 2020/2021 events; but what about Super States? Will the event and unique player totals for qualification include 2020-2021, or just 2022 numbers?

Only 2022 events count in the standings, so Super State status will be based solely on the metrics from the 2022 season.

Thanks - there was some confusion since the Stats page for states is sometimes showing 24 players even if the state has not yet reached superstate status for 2022, for instance MD: International Flipper Pinball Association

Sounds like this page is inaccurate?

Confirming with @Shep but I believe that’s a bug that will soon be fixed :slight_smile:

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Just FYI the bug was that the stats page was counting “total players” and not “unique players” in triggering Super States status. This has been fixed.

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Remind me, super states need 400 unique players and 100 tournaments correct? And top 8 get a bye in those states since it’s 24 players for scs?


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Looking at AZ, the rankings tab shows 429 players and the stats page shows 2022 “tours” as 104. So AZ is a super state at this point, correct? Just wanting to confirm because the payout position list goes to 16. I don’t know if this is normal whether you are a super state or not, so just wanting to clarify. Mostly just looking to see if my goal is top 24 or 16 and how many trips to Phoenix that might be.

Copying in @Shep to confirm, but I believe AZ should be a Super State right now. Not sure why the standings aren’t showing the cutline at 24 players . . . Brian?

Is there a lower bound limit for the opposite of a super state to qualify for NACS?

For example, could we in Hawaii—where there have been zero IFPA tournaments this year and going back who knows how much further—hold an IFPA-sanctioned state tournament with potentially fewer than 16 participants and send the winner to the big show?

I clicked around the IFPA NACS site and saw mention of eligible states. I didn’t see what makes states eligible.

there should be an min and no you can’t just have an few things at one show over an weakened for an state to qualify.

and there should be an real commitment check as well. Not just there is an one game beat to hell in this bar and I’m takeing an trip to that state so why not hold an joke of an tournament to get free pass to the post NACS event.

also what about states with no state rep. Should places like HI, PR, and AK be forced to have an LOCAL state rep to run stuff?

At the very least states not part of the 48 should have an little of bit of an higher bar for commitment.

2 events is the minimum number of events to be held to qualify to host an SCS. There is no player minimum.

North Dakota had 10 participants in their first State Championship:


I’ll mention to the tiny group of people here who might care. Is there a best guide page for doing things by the book to get set up in case we want to give it a shot? Perhaps we can set a record for sending the worst ranked player in history to the championship.

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We would also need a volunteer to serve as the State Rep. This person would be responsible for organizing the State Championship tournament itself and serving as the TD for the event.

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Yes you can. LAX was literally the only thing that happened in KY for years and they still had a SCS tournament each year. Like Josh said, the state only needs to have two tournaments a year to have an SCS.

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so 2 one player events will work or the min players per event 2?

We don’t sanction events with only 1 player. Minimum 2 players per event.

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Did we ever get an answer on superstates not showing 24 for the payouts? Not that it matters as long as top 24 still get an invite to states. Just want to make sure I’m telling my players around 30th-40th to keep pushing for states as NC will cross into super state sometime in August.

We’re still looking into the issue, which I think has something to do with the ‘rollover’ stuff from 2020/2021. No matter what we will make sure those super states are taken care of, even if that process has to be done manually.


This just happened on ours for TN as well. We only have 260+ for the year and it believes we have 400.