2022 Events - Dates and Links

Anyone know which day the women’s tournament is at ClePin? https://clevelandpinballshow.com/Womens-Tournament

I don’t see a date, just the times?

From the Main tournament page:

“The Junior’s tournament begins at 4 PM on Saturday, with free entry and a trophy for the winner. The Women’s tournament begins at 10 AM on Saturday, also with a trophy for the winner. The Women’s tournament is approved for the IFPA Women’s Rankings.”

That must be old copy on the website.

This schedule is from the FB event page



10:00AM to 11:00AM – Practice
11:00 AM to approx 11:15 AM – Last call for Registration; Rule explanations and announcements
Approx 11:15 AM to 11:25 AM – Group Photos
11:30 AM - Qualifying begins
Approx 1:30PM - LUNCH BREAK
Approx 2:00PM - Resume Qualifying
Approx 4:30PM – Qualifying ends
Tiebreakers will take place immediately after qualifying to determine seeding and qualifying individuals.


10AM to 11:15AM – Practice
11:15 - 11:30AM - Group photos and overview of finals, gather the first group and determine game to be played. Streaming equipment set up time.
11:30AM - First round of Finals begins

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Any pre registration or player cap for Cleveland Pinball Show? Just show up?


Nope, just show up.


Details for Space City Open @ Houston Arcade Expo (11/12-11/13) are up on the website. Preregistration opens on September 12. Tilt Forums thread


Any news about tournament(s) at Free Play Florida this year?

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We’re doing the fifth amazing pinball race next year. No date yet, but probably mid to late June.


Re: Free Play Florida, Yes, we are planning a full pinball tournament as we have in prior years, we should have an official post within the next couple weeks, if your plan on attending, make sure you book your hotel rooms soon.

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Pinball At The Zoo has been cancelled for September 2-4, 2021.

The new dates are April 21-23, 2022.

SFGE Tournaments have been listed, Friday is a Fair Strikes tourney, sign up by Aug 13 for a lottery to get a spot. Saturday is a Pin-Golf and kids tourney, and Sunday is a Womens:


Advance notice: the 2022 dates for Pintastic New England are back to late June, specifically June 23-26. The 2021 dates are November 18-21. Rooms at the event hotel are filling up! See pintasticnewengland.com for all the show info.
…David Marston

It is with sad news to announce that Flippers OBX 2021in November will be cancelled. The county had a uptick in cases and wanted to be safe than sorry on maybe have a super spreader event . Sorry to announce this to all , I love putting on this event but hopefully 2022 will be better year for pinball tournaments.

Sad to hear but totally understand. Hope to be back there next year, always a great event!


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Houston Arcade Expo and The Space City Open are still on for November 12-13. Tickets for tournament go on sale this Sunday. Space City Open Pinball Tournament at the Houston Arcade Expo Registration, Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

The Amazing Pinball Race 5 in 2022
June 10 - Women’s
June 11-12 - Main
Tickets go on sale May 7th

Added two events to the wiki list today!
February 4-6: Starfighters Pinball Festival, Mesa, AZ
April 30 - May 1: Zapcon, Mesa, AZ

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Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown
May 20-22nd

A Stern Pro Circuit Event

If you are missing Pinburgh-style match play, this is the one for you!




I added yours and completely updated the calendar, including links to events. Hope to be back, I really enjoy CJ’s!

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What is the player cap? Is registration really just sending an email?