2019 IFPA Heads-Up Pinball Championship - Game/Challenge list


I know Zach and Karl were working those details out. Hopefully we’ll get something posted prior to the event.


Deadpool tip videos:

Iron Maiden tip videos:

Munster tip videos:


I’ve streamed most of these games for anyone interested in watching actual heads-up footage before the tournament next weekend. The challenges are mostly the same with only a few different for next weekend.

The Munsters (Twitch, not on YouTube yet…)
Iron Maiden
Guardians of the Galaxy

Sadly, no Batman 66 action.


Fun to test maiden.
Mode start 0:31
Mummy 1:36
Trooper 1:09
Activate multiplier: lit but failed to activate in under 2 mins
Score: 41m and change after 2 mins with lots o bricks.


I streamed my attempts at Iron Maiden challenges last night. If you want to see a mediocre player’s attempts at each challenge.



the batman 66 was up last year? the produced video (not people actually playing).
is that available somewhere?


(Starts at 2m42s for Batman)