2018 Stern Pro Circuit is set


The Ohio Show was not in the top 20 WPPR earning tournaments last year. To be invited in the first place, multiple events - including the PAPA World Championship - had to decline the Stern Pro Circuit invite. In fact, if PAPA were going ahead as it has in prior years, it would have been this same weekend, since the following one is Easter.


You heard it here first . . .

March 28, 2019 --> North American Championship, Women’s Championship
March 29-31, 2019 --> Pin-Masters VI

Like patents I think we should go with “first to file”, so anyone else that wants these dates will not be eligible for the SPC next year :stuck_out_tongue:


there is a small sentence on the overview page that stated

“Twelve machines will be made available for the duration of the tournament. The machines will be a mixture of classic and new Stern pinball machines.”

last night at league there were a few people who said its all stern, and a few who said it wont be. The rules page says:

“The Circuit Final will feature a group of pinball machines selected by officials. Machines outside this group may not be selected for play. Officials may make machine substitutions as they deem necessary.”

which one is it?

is it that the tds can source games from wherever but are also given a mini fleet of stern games to include should they choose to do so?


The SPC Final will be “all Sterns” (new and old).

Any SPC event can do whatever they’ve done in the past, so Pinburgh for example doesn’t need to use all Stern games for the 2018 tournament.

An SPC event can even include ZERO Stern games should the TD’s not have access or not have a preference to use them.




then someone at the Stern Pro Circuit Board of Directors should have these on a calendar , google doc or what ever along with
August 1-4 2019 and July 9-12 2020 for Pinburgh as well to not pick these dates for a circuit event


Done . . .


Add OBX Flippers
November 14-15-16 2019
November 19-20-21 2020


Added . . .


24 hour

Nov. 2-3 2019
Nov 7-8 2020
Nov. 6-7 2021
Nov. 5-6 2022
Nov. 4-5 2023
Nov. 8-9 2024
Nov. 1-2 2025
Nov. 7-8 2026
Nov. 6-7 2027
Nov. 4-5 2028
Nov. 3-4 2029
Nov. 2-3 2030
Nov. 8-9 2031
Nov. 6-7 2032
Nov. 5-6 2033
Nov. 4-5 2034
Nov. 3-4 2035
Nov. 8-9 2036
Nov. 7-8 2037
Nov. 6-7 2038


That’s what I call DIBS :slight_smile:


At that point I’m 55 and I think that’s the retirement age to collect my IFPA pension as a TD correct? :wink:

Should I submit all of these to the ifpa callendar now? :slight_smile:


Careful on scheduling too far out, @JSwain. If there’s another Energy Policy Act to shift DST you might lose your place on the SPC!


I’m pretty confident we won’t have any IFPA/WPPR related changes between now and 2038 based on our past record of how often we change things :slight_smile:


I hope it happens. Daylight savings sucks!


When it goes to 5$ per person per event it won’t change anything for the event dates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Daylight savings time is awesome, standard time sucks.


Quick update . . . Ohio Gameroom show has declined their invite for the 2018 season. Free Play Florida has accepted their invite as the replacement event for next season.


Now we will probably have 2 more Circuit events on same weekend with free play picking the date in November as OBX Flippers unless they pick the week before which is doubtful… Now we will be up to 8 out of 20 events on same weekend.


IAAPA is November 13-16, so I would anticipate FPF landing on the weekend after that trade show since that’s how they have done it for a majority of years in the past.