2018 Stern Pro Circuit is set


LOL quick CAX just uncap yourself and Pinburgh is OFF THE CIRCUIT! :slight_smile:


Alternate solution: Over the coming years expand SPC to 50 events so overlapping events become the norm rather than the exception.


And separate them into two conferences. :grin:


Is that new this year? It has never been capped in the past.


What kind of event is the Stern Pro Circuit Final . Sternament?

What are we fighting for?


It will be a combination of modern and classic Sterns.


I’m hoping for a bank of 12 Stars.


From their web site


It does say 2017 thought from main it would be the coming year but was last year sorry


Interesting I didn’t realize they changed formats. Previous years have been uncapped pump and dump (or uncapped limited entry pump and dump).


Format changed last year when the majority of very active tournament players went to Pinburgh. I don’t think anyone has stepped up to organize in 2018 yet. The format certainly hasn’t been announced. Given the Pinburgh collision I would expect match play again this year, but no one knows.


Well someone answered the email asking if they wanted to be on the circuit with “Yes” so I assume someone is running it.


If we do that can I play in the American League and use the designated cheater… uhhh…hitter rule?


Action Button is disabled for anything in the National League . . . you gotta earn it yourself :slight_smile:


:rofl: @PinballProfile looks like you are NL all the way now.


800 players? Come on, Pinburgh only ran 796 last year :slight_smile:


I think it is inevitable that circuit events will overlap. But that is not the same as having the Circuit Final overlap with a circuit event. Since Stern Circuit events are chosen strictly on WPPR’s now, isn’t the Ohio show pretty much screwed out of getting back onto the circuit the following year? If only 64 players count their 1/2 point towards base WPPR and all these events should garner at least 64 players and should certainly be 100% TGP, then the only real factor in WPPR value is the quality of the field. If the top 40 are playing in Chicago, how does the Ohio show even have a chance?


Use Ohios 2017 wppr total in 2018 and have finals not conflict with an event in 2019.

Or just make an amendment that if finals occurs during a circuit event that event gets a bye into the following years circuit.


City Champ is scheduled for December 15-16th, 2018.


This really seems to be a non-issue. At a quick glance, If you look at the Ohio Game Room standings for 2017, only 5 of their players also played in the 2017 PAPA Circuit Final, so even if there was a date conflict in 2017 (which there wasn’t), they would’ve only lost 5 players out of their player pool of 99 participants.


but they’re the important ones!