2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events


Just to clear any misconceptions on the perception that we’re the wild wild west of changing our WPPR formula up willy nilly. We don’t make formula changes mid year, and even our ‘band aid’ mid year changes that we’ve done in the past happen very rarely. The Modern Pinball issue obviously just happened, the last time it did was 2014 with the Charity Tournament issues earning more points than the ‘Main’ Tournament it was being tied to.

I can certainly commit to NEVER making any changes at all mid year during a current circuit season if you wanted to go this route, so don’t let that fear stop you.

p.s. - remember, all of your opinions are shit, so by saying this is a bad idea, you’re actually confirming it’s a good idea :wink:


[Don’t mind JS’s attitude, the weather there freezes his brain up this time of year. Here, our opinions are merely all wet this year.]

Yeah, the Launch Party midyear fix was needed.


I didn’t say the idea was bad, just that there were some other things to consider.

I’ll agree to this idea if we can change the WPPR formula at the end of each year by granting extra points to a tournament that wins a facebook popularity contest. :slight_smile:


If you want to cover the $1 charge of that tournament, then consider it DONE!

Whoops, is that not public knowledge yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, is is only $1 per tournament? I thought it was per player.




First rule about 2018 ifpa

…don’t talk about 2018 ifpa


oh god, I hope the sixth rule about 2018 IFPA isn’t “no shirt, no shoes”.


IFPA 2018 Rule # … 2 … Maximum of 2 players with the same first name or same last name.


Rule #5: One game at a time, fellas




Seattle did choose. NWPAS did not submit an application in favor of supporting NWPC, even though attendance at NWPAS was more than double NWPC last year.


It looks like the survey is closed now. Any word on when the results will be posted?


Posted on papa.org: http://papa.org/2017/02/21/papa-circuit-voting-final-results/


Nice! Congratulations to our Canadian friends at the flipout. Any chance we can know where Edmonton ended up?


Just wanted to chime in real quick about associating Circuit Events with “growing pinball”.

In my opinion, having Circuit designation does not help grow pinball…it discourages local B/C/D level players from participating to know that pros will be coming in from out of state. What it does do is shuffle around the existing top level players by encouraging them to travel to events they might not have otherwise. There is nothing wrong with that, but it isn’t growing the base of players.

As TD of the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown last year, I had at least a dozen conversations with local players where I found myself trying to downplay the level of competition to encourage them to participate in the event.

The number of times I found myself really pumping up the stiff level of competition and the prestige of the tournament, as you might expect, was zero.

I think the SCS is a great tool for growing pinball, but I don’t think Circuit Event designation should have the same goal. In my opinion, Circuit Events should exist as an organizational tool to consolidate the highest level of competition, and to help legitimize our universe to those outside of pinball.


Confused… Were there 5 or 6 spots being voted in? Yesterday the link to the PAPA page showed 6 events with Bat City as #6. Today there are only 5 events without Bat City on the list.


Really? Why?


Most lower level players do not like losing but are not willing or able (usually not willing in my experience) to put in the work required to not lose. Sadly this is just how it is.


@PAPA_Doug ??