2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events


I think that in reality that should be a reminder to @Shep :slight_smile:


On PAPA’s table? Drop me an email and I’ll get it taken care of.


The best is any filter where I’m adding tournament names manually, if a tournament name has an apostrophe it breaks the filter.

Typically I’ll remember to edit the tournament name and remove the apostrophe, but those moments when I don’t typically go something like this:

  • Add Tournament Name to Filter
  • Click Add Button
  • Screen goes blank white
  • I email @Shep that I broke custom filter #whatever (typically it’s the Upstate NY Rankings I break every time)
  • He fixes it
  • I mess it up again within the next couple of months


Apologies. I’ll yell at the development crew to stop slacking and maybe threaten them with a reduction of their current $0/hr pay. :neutral_face:


I would be more than happy to help fix this. Need some help?


One of many problems with English notation: apostrophe and single quote using the same symbol for completely different meanings.


In programming you handle that situation by escaping the apostrophe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_character


I’m good, but thanks. Most of the website actually handles is pretty well, the problem we’re having is with Wordpress and the admin console and it’s just been low on my list of things to fix

Sorry for the snarky reply. You were only being helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me on technical stuff, Josh doesn’t always bubble stuff up to me.


The non wordpress code works fine as all (most) of the code switched over to using PHP’s PDO database functionality, which handles quotes for us. As long as we don’t edit any of the fields, it’s good :slight_smile:

I did some work on it last month and thought I had the issue fixed, but one of resent plugins brought it back.




Tim, patience, there’s a tiebreaker for 2nd-3rd. Hey, you did break out of your tie with Jon. I’ve got everything done except for Levi and CJ. Talk about “work in progress” …

BTW, we were out in Banning setting up machines, TVs and cameras today. Karl and some of the volunteer staff there will be continuing the work tomorrow.




Easy, Tim, I’m doing some analysis here to supplement the raw table. Some folks like that.

Yes, it’s post-Magfest BUCS time. You want speedy service, you got it. So hot off the presses they might not have handed out the trophies or Magfest vouchers yet.

First, some highlights. Congratulations to Robert Destasio for a career-best [WPPR-wise anyway] finish and his first Circuit points of the season - - all 100 of them. Not enough to make the Circuit Final with the new format, so he’ll have to come to INDISC and make the top 16 at least to have a shot at that.

Levi’s making the finals moves him into the top five from 10th place.

The cut line barely moved again, only up to 138 from 135. Jumping into the top 40 were Christopher “CJ” Smith, Eric Destasio [good week for the Destasios!] and DJ Riel.

I’m going to include the whole top 100 this time so that people coming to INDISC can see where they stand. Anyone in the top 100 now who makes the final four at INDISC has a shot at the Circuit Final if there are a couple of no-shows in Chicago - - since INDISC is a major, 4th place is worth 80 circuit points.

As always if anyone spots a glitch, let me know. [Or, more importantly, when PAPA releases their official one, let them know!].

Who is not guaranteed to make the top 40? Everyone from Bowen down is theoretically vulnerable. The easiest way to test it is to take whomever is in 41st place, have them win INDISC, and have the next-highest finisher be the person in 40th and so on up the line, stopping the process just below the position in question. Compare the new totals to the testing position and see if it’s still in the top 40. Realistically, of course, I’d say from Keith on up is safe. It all depends on INDISC. See you in a few days!


BMU comes in CLUTCH with the extremely quick and comprehensive circuit standings analysis!

Edit: the winners of MAGFest are currently deciding who is buying the trophies for themselves


Thanks. I knew Magfest gave out festival credits or whatever instead of cash, but I thought there still might have been trophies. Wonder what an appropriate DIY Magfest trophy would look like?


Just write on your con badge!


I think it might look a lot like our NYCPC trophies since Levi is probably going to put the order in :wink:


Buying yourself a trophy is a highly layered, personal decision. One doesn’t rush into this.


Oh sh*tt, I forgot my trophy!

hastily scribbles on badge this morning at work during pre-coffee time



Rather busy this weekend, wil provide details late tomorrow, but can say the cut tentatively moved to Eric at 140, with Karl and Timothy Street jumping in. Cut will only move to Alberto at 142 if either Maka or Sagel wins. BTW, Tim S., I end up one point behind you. Got Belsitoed by Jim himself late last night.