2017-2018 PAPA Circuit Events


Circuit Forecast time: who might still get in that’s not in now? Here are the standings for positions 31-70. Two majors remain, City Champ and INDISC, plus one regular event, Magfest. Based on who is registered for City Champ and who went to the other two last year and finished high enough to matter, I’ve placed "0"s in those spots as placeholders. I expect that a good chunk of the remaining circuit points will go to players already in the top 30 who will simply solidify their positions, e.g. Zach will likely move up to #2 based on attending the two remaining majors. I’d say that #'s 31-40 will likely need to do more to stay in. Banner-holders Jim and Andrei can get in with one top result or two good ones. Sunshine and Robin both have a good chance and will definitely be playing again. From Pete down through Eric can jump in with a good result if they play another event. Of course, lots of other people still have a chance, but most of these would need an atypical-for-them top 4 finish to make it. As for the current top 30, I’d say most of them are safe unless a bunch of people do way better than usual at the remaining events and or people come out for Magfest or INDISC who haven’t played in them lately. [Go ahead, people, show up, do well and prove me wrong!]

We at INDISC will be really interested in seeing who comes to our event to make that last push to get into the 2017-2018 Circuit Final and to also get a head start on the Stern Circuit!

BTW, if the Circuit Final started now, group 1 would be Trent, Bowen, Escher and Tim Street. Intriguing group!


My friend tony pierce might make it out to indisc ,


I’ve got some info Bob. Timothy Street will be at INDISC. My only hope for getting in now is to finish somewhere near the top 40 and hope for some players who can’t attend the finals.

Honestly, with the finals date and even city being unknown at this time, I’ve lost some interest. I think I picked a bad year to really have a go at the circuit.


Time for a new BUCS [Bob’s Unofficial {but now apparently used by anyone who really cares} Circuit Standings], updated through City Champ. Congratulations to the winner, Colin Urban, and other finalists Zac Wollons [“I almost won”], Jim Belsito [“I got third”] and Germaine Mariolle [“I was the worst finalist” - - blame Per & co. for the plaque labelling] . Germaine moves up thirteen spots in the standings, and Colin, Zac and Jim all jump into the top 40.

The cut moves up 5 points from Tim Street at 130 to Aaron Grabowski at 135.

I’ve shown the standings down through Karl in 54th place for the benefit of those who are outside the cut but still close. Obviously anyone who already has a reasonable point count and wins Magfest [worth 100] or Indisc [worth 150] can get in; these are the players who just need a good finish or two to make it. If anyone else wants to know where they stand and what they need, let me know. Basically, figure you’ll need at least 150 points to be safe. There are now over 400 players with circuit points.


thanks for the hard work Bob, i am likely going to have to pass on this if it is end of March as I have heard. Spring break will be spent with my family.


Shouldn’t Colin be at the bottom with 100 for the City Champ win?


City Champ was a major, so it was worth 150 to the winner.


Ohhhh I see, I missed that. Thanks!


Was just looking at the Circuit Standings on the PAPA page and looks to me it hasn’t been updated since PPO took place.



That’s why we all like BUCS


Looks like you’ll have to take Doug off your Mount Rushmore


So circuit final March 24th in Chicago?


The Replay Foundation is pleased to announce that the final PAPA Circuit Championship will be held on March 24th, 2018 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL… The PAPA Circuit final is the culmination of a year long schedule of some of the best tournaments in the world where players competed for PAPA Circuit points to qualify for the PAPA Circuit final and compete for the PAPA Circuit Championship belt.

“We’re looking forward to transitioning the PAPA Circuit into the Stern Pro Tour, and we’re excited about the change of venue for the last PAPA Circuit Final,” said Mark Steinman, Director of Operations for the Replay Foundation.

The PAPA Circuit final coincides with the IFPA Heads-Up Championship on Sunday March 25th at the same location.

The final two events of the 2017-2018 PAPA Circuit are MAGFest, January 4 – 7, 2018 ( http://pinholicsanonymous.com/home/pintervention-championship/magfest-january-4-2018/ ) and INDISC, January 12 – 14, 2018 ( https://neverdrains.com/ ).Invites to the top 40 ranked players will be sent out shortly thereafter.

Additional information will be released in the coming weeks. For questions about the PAPA Circuit or the PAPA Circuit Final, email doug@papa.org.


I’ll update BUCS here prior to our INDISC event, assuming I can get the Magfest results. I’ll also go back and double check things season to date. If Doug wants to delegate the official calculation to me, I’m good with that. I just try to keep people informed.


There is a website issue that we discovered today that seems to be reverting all of the updates to the Circuit point standings on our site. I appreciate you keeping the BUCS going while we look into it. :slight_smile:


That is the same weekend as the Ohio show. Which is also a circuit event.


Don’t play in Circuit, problem solved.


This is perplexing in 3 different ways.


The most perplexing part is that the Ohio show managed to get on the circuit :rofl:


You did your part to get it on there :wink: