2017-2018 Circuit Finals?

Anyone know any of the details for the circuit finals? Does PAPA HQ still exist? Will PAPA WC be held the next day after circuit finals? If it won’t be at the old PAPA HQ where will it be held? What day will circuit finals be held? How many questions is to many questions?

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The building is still in their name on the assessor’s page, and not listed for sale on LoopNet [the commercial counterpart to Zillow], although it may be so listed somewhere else or being shopped privately.

As for the event, Doug told me last week that they’re still working things out and yes, people, calm down, they will let us know when there’s something concrete to tell us. Best guess is that assuming they do hold it, it will likely be in a similar early-spring time frame to past events. They know that people want to make plans, but I’d suggest we just wait to hear.

BTW, Garrett, you’re likely to make it in without playing another event, although I’d guess your current total will put you in the 30th-35th place range if that’s the case.


Garrett doesn’t need to play at all since he’s won at least one circuit event this year. Or at least that’s what the rule used to be. I assume it’s still currently valid?

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Thanks Bob! Good news since I won’t be able to play another event anytime soon :slight_smile:

Actually, no, the “win and you’re in” rule was dropped. It’s the top 40 on total points now, and a 100-point non-major win alone won’t get you in. Even a 150-point major win might not by the end of the season.

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I forgot they took that one out… hard to keep track good thing @BMU is around!


They had to take that tidbit out due to increasing the number of circuit events a year, otherwise some of the top players wouldn’t get in for the finals.

This is not the reason at all.

What was the reason?