2016 PAPA Circuit Finals


Get after it Evan!


Request the desktop site! Or get a real phone :wink:


live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05BNjA7w914


I have no idea who is in the finals, though. Anyone have a list of the top ten?


Piecing together from the facebook it looks like: Kevin, Cryss, Mahesh, Levi, Gagno, Belsito, Zach, Jerry, Bowen, and ?? (edit: on the chat, Pete said Zen)

That would make the ladder:

  1. Zach
  2. Jim
  3. Cryss
  4. Zen
    7-10 Bowen, Kevin, Mahesh, Jerry


Did we kiss of death @PinballNarcissist?? What happened?


Zach won. Belsito 2nd, Gagno 3rd, Cryss 4th.


Congrats @Smack847!


Thanks! Anything I can do to deflect attention away from public enemy #1 @pinwizj is what any brother would do


Any idea where the rest of the finals are? Does it take a while for the rest of the footage to process?




Nooooooo. Not more disappearing finals coverage. :frowning:


Looks like its all there now :slight_smile:


Trust the YouTube system! I want to see how bad I sounded dodging congestion. :sweat:


You did a great job! I watched a bunch of the footage this morning while killing time to try to understand how the machines are playing. The funny thing is how similar you and @Theguyoverthere sound at times. You did what needs to be done on these, keep coming back to the rules, keep explaining why people are doing what they are doing so that anyone can watch. It makes the archive better if it is understandable by anyone.


You guys did great. When you signed off for the night was when I realized you were one of the talking heads. Well done and thanks for taking the time to commentate the stream. Same goes to everyone else that helped out.


One bad thing I saw with YouTube live yesterday was that the chat isn’t in sync with the video. At times, the chat channel was talking about stuff that my video feed, for some reason, was behind on.


I think that’s just the nature of youtube’s setup - like you can pause the live video and leave it for however long, and then just hit play again and go from where you paused – which has you way behind. Same for if you have network issues and it lags for a bit.


I think the DVR function of youtube lets the user pause the live stream and watch up to 2hr of “buffered” footage. However, the chat is in real time. I’m pretty sure I saw this option when I setup rug stream '17 and I think you can turn it off so users can only watch the live stream. I could be wrong though. I’ve never really used youtube for streaming.


Good to know. So when I’m viewing some PAPA stream later this weekend, if I notice my video lagging/freeze, then I’ll need to refresh (or close/refresh) the whole page to get my video and chat synced back up? I definitely don’t want the chat spoiling the drama unfolding on the video.