2016 PAPA Circuit Finals


Group 9 played Skateball, Future Spa, MET, and now on Ripleys.
Future Spa playing like Brutal Spa.
MET also difficult: high score of group was 24M.
Ripleys has same auto-plunger installed as they had at Pinburgh


Round 2 via @phendricks via PAPA Circuit Facebook:
Group 1: Zach Jorian Alek Jerry
Group 2: Jason Zen Bowen Daniele
Group 3: Tim Cryss Kevin Josh
Group 4: Robert G Jim Sanjay Robert B
Group 5: Levi Evan Jon Mahesh


Wow, facebook is really not a great way to do this.


Ask and ye shall receive.
Will shut down as soon as PAPA’s starts up.


we should have set up an unofficial MatchPlay bracket to follow the results using players FB post :slight_smile:


Now with Live updates from Pete Hendricks!
Chat-only stream of Circuit Finals. In 1080p of course. :wink:


That was more in line with what I was hinting at. Or a DTM bracket. Somewhere where you can review results at your leisure instead of having to replay the entire tournament through facebook comments :slight_smile:


PAPA will set up the stream. It will be $1 per person to watch.


Can I opt out and not have my view counted?


I cant see the YouTube chat from my phone :frowning: please keep some update coming in the thread too :slight_smile: not sure if it is worth getting AA in place wifi to watch the ladder finals? :laughing:


Group 4: Robert G, Robert B, Sanjay, Belsito on IM game 1. 1-4-2-0
​group 4 moves to LC. Sanjay rushes to tilt forums to use the guide.


Group 5: Levi 2 Evan 4 Jon 1 Mahesh 0 results from LC. Moves to AFM


@PinballNarcissist is on a roll!


group 1 is playing im. Zach 6. jorian 5 alek 1 Jerry 2


Go Sanjay! :stuck_out_tongue:


Levi’s group is still playing game 2

groups 3 & 4 are still on game 2 as well.


I’m currently running 4 different browser tabs dedicated to this :sweat_smile:


@phendricks is now live on FB:


EDIT: Missed it. You’re too late!


Pete’s arm gets tired. RIP FB Live stream :frowning:


Too late for a tripod GoFundMe, I guess. :frowning: