2016 PAPA Circuit Finals

This thread is for discussion of today’s circuit finals. I didn’t see any threads on this. It starts in 30 minutes.


Is this going to be streamed on PAPA’s YouTube channel? link: https://www.youtube.com/user/PAPApinball

Louisville was streamed on the PAPA Youtube channel, so I assume everything else will be from now on.

No more twitch? Interesting.

Well, I know game choice has happened. Group 9 had the choice of Little Chief or Barracora.

Still nothing streaming? No brackets/scores anywhere? Seems odd to stream at the circuit events, but not at the finals. I assume they’ll start at some point.

I’m also assuming it’ll be on Youtube, but I’m subscribed on Twitch and Youtube anyhow.

Here’s a useful video tutorial for setting up a YT livestream subscription with notifications. I might just be more used to Twitch, but YT seems a bit more convoluted.

In most recent events the crew has chosen not to stream the entire event but only the later rounds. I am assuming it will come on at some point this afternoon.

a shame considering the high level of plays and kick-butt player we will not be seeing :S


Bummer…are there at least some live standings we can stare at that anyone knows about?


Group 9 on LC ended: 1st Levi, 2nd Delzoppo, 3rd Gene, 4th Henderson

What is the format?

the 40 players were put into 10 groups of 4. 4/2/1/0 scoring. They play four games. Ten games available. Top group gets first choice of game. Bottom groups get the scraps. Top two of each group advance. Then those twenty are put into 5 groups of 4, top 2 advance to a ladder match.

Was really hoping that we would finally get some good streaming this year. Hopefully its not just the same as what happened for the last couple of years with limited qualifying and late into playoffs streams. I don’t understand why its not just turned on even if someone isn’t available to commentate.


I looked at last year’s thread and they only streamed the ladder match. However, they at least had early round scoring up on http://papa.org/live/ .

Cool. Although I’m bummed the whole thing isn’t streamed, the ladder is the best part.

at least some online bracket to follow progress would be nice :slight_smile:

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“Cameras are ready. Just want to get through the first round to make sure there are no issues that would pull the producers from the booth.” - Petey


Awesome news! Thanks!

From Petey on the facebook group (after 2 games?)

Group 1: Zach 1, Johnny 1, Bowen 6, Mike S. 1

Group 2: Trent 3, Alek K 5, Lee 0, Jerry 6.

Group 3: Jason w 5, Jorian 4, Fred r 0, Dave S 5.

Group 4: DJ 5, zen 0, Kevin b 6, Francesco 3

Group 5: Tim s 4. Andrei 2, Sanjay 6, Andy r 2

Group 6: Robert G 6, cryss 3, Andrew p 1, sunshine 4

Group 7: Ray D 5, Jim B 3, Jon R 6, Josh S 0

Group 8: Bob M 0, Evan 8, Mahesh 3, Adam L 3

Group 9: Karl d 2, Alberto 2, Robert B 8, Daniele 2

Group 10: John D 4, Levi 5, Josh h 4, Gene 1

updated 1145am eastern

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group 10 is at Josh 8/ Levi 7/ John 5/ Gene 1

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Group 9: Robert B advances after 3 games. 10 points.
Daniele 6. Karl 3. Alberto 2. (after 3 games)

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