2015 Northwest Pinball Championships

Hi everyone,

Beneficial Malfunction is proud to present the 2015 Northwest Pinball Championships, the Pacific Northwest’s very own world-class pinball competition!

The NWPC will be held August 28-30th at Lucky Strike Bowling in Bellevue, WA.
700 Bellevue Way, Bellevue, WA 98004

Our new venue is AWESOME! With far more space, a full restaurant and bar, and lots of dialed games we’re going to be able to provide a great experience for everyone attending the tournament, as well as full streaming finals coverage for everyone who isn’t able to come.

The Northwest Pinball Championships is open to players of all skill levels and ages. It is a multi-day qualifying tournament followed by a day of finals. During qualifying on Friday and Saturday players purchase tickets to play individual games on the tournament machines. Players may purchase as many tickets as they like.

Each player’s best score on each machine in their division of play is tracked in a computer and those scores are ranked against all of the other competitor’s scores on that machine. Players then receive an aggregate of their machine rankings to determine their overall qualifying position in their division. At the end of qualifying, the top 16 finishers in each division will be eligible for the finals on Sunday.

As usual, there are two main divisions of play: Open and Classics. Qualifying will run from noon-midnight on Friday and 10AM-midnight on Saturday, with finals on Sunday. The top 16 players will move on to the finals, and the 4 top-finishing women in the Open division are additionally eligible to play in the Women’s Championship finals!

Hell has finally frozen over, and NWPC now also has a real B division! This year, players finishing 17th-24th in the Open division will be eligible for the B division finals. Any player ranked above a certain limit (250) of the World Pinball Player Rankings as of the day of finals will not be eligible for the B Division finals, and in the event of a 17th-24th finish they will be replaced by the next highest eligible qualifying player.

In addition to the main events, we’ll be running side TOPS tourneys on the practice bank games throughout the weekend with daily payouts and prizes.

We’re putting a lot of effort into the tournament this year, following in the footsteps of our great mentors Cayle George and Eden Stamm. We think it will show, as we’re aiming to bring you one of the finest pinball events the Pacific Northwest has ever seen.

For more info on everything related to the event, check out http://www.bdivision.com.
Hope to see you there!


looking forward to it!

northwest pinball championships
Northwest Pinball Championships!

Hi All, as we did last year we are looking for volunteers to help during the tournament (scorekeeping…) during all 3 days (Friday to Sunday).
You can earn 3 tickets/entries for each 2 hour block of volunteering and do it as much as you like/want.

You can find a list of the schedule below, please send your name and time to info@bdivision.com


Beneficial Malfunction will be hosting pre-NWPC tournaments at our sponsor locations in Seattle!
Each tournament will be head to head 3 strike ($10 registration fee) with cash prizes as well as raffles with free goodies for each event!

Add a Ball Jul/27 Mon, registration start 7pm and tourney 8pm
Another Castle Aug/1 Sat, registration start 2pm and tourney 3pm
8-Bit Aug/9 Sun, registration start 2pm and tourney 3pm
FlipFlip DingDing Aug/13 Thu, registration start 7pm and tourney 8pm
Olaf Aug/16 Sun, registration start 3pm and tourney 4pm
Shorty Aug/23 Sun, registration start 2pm and tourney 3pm
John John Aug/25 Tue, registration start 7pm and tourney 8pm

$100/50/30/20/10 set prize money for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th
1 PAPA item (shirt, cap…) for first B division eligble player (500+ IFPA)
5 raffle prizes drawn at tournament start (PAPA, Stern, NWPWC entries, Zen studios codes…)

See you there!

As we are getting close to our first pre-tournament (Add-A-Ball, MONDAY July 27th START @ 8pm), we now have our 2015 NWPC tee-shirts (a reboot of the popular 2011 ones).
Come to the pre-tournament to win a free tee-shirt from the raffle (as well as PAPA, Stern, Zen studios or free NWPC entries…) or available for sale at $20 (size and qty limited!).

less than 3 weeks to the event, 3 of the pre-tournament done, we are getting CLOSE!
We are happy to announce that we have raised the prizes for Classic division due to the generosity of our sponsors and pre-tournament. We have added $500 into the pot raising all prizes from 1st to 8th! 9th to 16th still paid out too! All the details here, http://www.bdivision.com/rules.htm
Also, in alignment with our new location and the potential for novices and walk-in’s, we are implementing a “Daily Novice Tournament”. A reduce daily version of the main tournament (3 machines in the bank, $10 to play the mall once) with top 4 of the day getting into the final in the evening battling for GUARANTEED $100 for first and $50 for second. This will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday (earlier final on last day) for IFPA 2000+ and unranked players!
On another note, we are still looking for volunteer, please contact me directly. Plenty of shifts available for scorekeeper (tablet provided) with free entries and a big hug for helping out! We can’t do it without you!

And, in case you missed it:

OVER $1000 :grin: :grin: :grin: is being ADDED into the prize pool from our sponsors!

Excited to see these back in Seattle! Any idea if the Lucky Strike dress code will be enforced?


It won’t be. We talked to LS about this ahead of time. They have made similar exceptions in the past for dancing game tournaments; even then, they generally don’t enforce it normally unless someone is causing problems.

Hi all,
4 days away from the tournament start, we have a schedule poster available:

Last hours of qualifying streaming now: