2 Year Anniversary of my League

Just after returning from my first Pinburgh in 2016 I got a text from a friend that a new place was opening up with 20 machines and he asked if I would be interested in running a league (I’d never even run a tournament before but he knew I was obsessed). I’d just had an amazing time at Pinburgh and there was no group matchplay happening in AZ at the time so I jumped at the chance to create this new opportunity. I continue to be awed by and grateful for the community created by this league. I pulled stats to share with the league members as we get ready to embark on our 3rd year and thought some on this forum may also get a kick out of the numbers.

72 regular league nights over 7 seasons

2 finals nights (started in 2018)

17 players participated in the first night of league on September 6, 2016.

13 of those initial players still regularly play in league!

24 – the average number of weekly players in the first season in 2016

39 – the average number of weekly players in season 2, 2018

63% - the increase in participation from our first season to our most recent season

9,480 games of pinball played just during league tournaments and finals in 2 years

127 – number of unique players who participated in the league

29 of our unique players only participated for 1 night (guests, out of town visitors, people who didn’t fall in love with us on the first try)

64 players participated in at least 10 of the 72 weeks

22 players played in at least half of the 72 weeks

71 weeks is the most weeks attended of any one player – Tracy L

70 weeks is the 2nd most attended weeks – Tom T

8 – the most solo weekly wins (100 points, no ties) by a single player – tie between @JShop and Henry H (next highest is 7 to Jeff B and 5 to Jason R)

24 – the number of unique players who had a solo win for a week

21 – the most times a player scored in the top 3 (95 points or above) – Henry H, in 61 weeks of attendance (next highest is Jason R with 19 and @JShop with 16)

43 – the number of unique players who have had a top 3 finish in any given week

91 – the highest average number of points a regular league player receives when they play – Henry H

6086 – the number of points I’ve earned in 71 weeks of league – it’s the most of course – but only because I attended the most weeks :smiley: (we use the 100, 97, 95, 94… scale)


Nice work! I didn’t even know AZ had a scene.

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It’s grown tremendously in the last 2 years. Used to be 3 events a month between Phoenix and Tucson with a league in each city and a monthly in Tucson. And now here’s the list of upcoming events just for September and a new venue is opening up at the end of the month giving us even more opportunity!

Tuesday, September 4: Tilt Studio League resumes!
Thursday, September 6: Timed Group Match Play
Sunday, September 9: Tucson Sunday Rumble
Tuesday, September 11: Tilt Studio League
Thursday, September 13: Tucson Bi-Weekly
Friday, September 14: Deadpool Launch Party
Saturday, September 15: Starfighters Arcade Monthly
Tuesday, September 18: Tilt Studio League
Tuesday, September 18: Blackrock Brewery Timed Match Play
Thursday, September 20: D&D Monthly
Saturday, September 22: Zapcon Night at Starfighters Arcade
Tuesday, September 25: Tilt Studio League
Thursday, September 27: Tucson Bi-Weekly
Saturday, September 29: Belles & Chimes Phoenix
Sunday, September 30: Monthly Knockout