2 tournament questions

6.02 FTW!

Not in the standard ROM.

I know you know this @Adam, but mentioning for the sake of others: this only supports Free Play, so it’s not feasible for a machine on location.

OK I don’t remember and haven’t paid any attention to what is or isn’t available. It should’ve been doing that since the IFPA 6.00 version certainly.

Yep. In the “final” version that came before IFPA 6.0, you could still see non 100k awards given in tourney mode (EB and 1 mil always stood out, lol), but with 6.0 and 6.02, it is always 100k.

All 6.X versions are Free Play only, correct?

Despite having WoF for quite some time now this was the first big money extra ball I’ve seen happen during a tournament. Sorry Bowen. I really wish there was finalized code for the damn thing even 6.02 has issues for tournament use.

What issues have you seen?

The much bigger issue with 5.0 and earlier code (any code that takes coins) is that trip MB jackpot values don’t reset until power is cycled on the machine. If you’re going to use it in a tournament or league on coin drop, cycle power before you start and cycle power frequently during the event.

And yes, both 6.X versions are free play only.

The exact bug with MB jackpot values exist in 6.02. It does standardize Trip MB to Puzzle 2 and derandomize other awards though. Still need to power cycle between games.

At least that is what I got with the Code notes. Haven’t used 6.02 for more than a few games as the machine is on location and has to take coins.