2 more tournament Qs - TNA and position

  1. I managed to get a dirty pool situation on TNA at SCS. I started multiball and got a ball stuck behind the 3rd drop target. Not knowing if I could leave it there, I just knocked down the targets to free it. Could I have left it?

  2. When choosing position instead of game, do you have to choose /which/ position before the other player chooses game or can you wait til they pick?

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For number 2, you’re choosing position or game. If you choose position, I think you should be allowed to wait until the game is chosen. Certain games I’d want to go first for sure.


For 1. If you know the rules well enough to know it is a stuck ball, and not a software controlled trapped ball, then you are required to attempt to cradle up and get a TD to remove it. Not that you are not suppose to take shots to dislodge it.

Now is it a stuck ball on TNA. I know Scott has mentioned that he has added a dirty pool jackpot, so once that code is released it will be playon and you can leave it there.

In multiball, some games offer the opportunity to stick a ball in an area that can only be freed if the player uses another ball to free it. Examples include getting a ball stuck behind a visor on games including Attack From Mars, Jackbot and Spiderman. The ruling in this situation is based on whether the game has software written into it to specifically address the mode or situation. On Attack from Mars and Jack*Bot, the Dirty Pool rule is specifically written for that situation. In these cases the ball behind the visor would NOT be considered stuck and players would continue to play on. On Spiderman however, since there is no game rule written for that situation, this would be considered a stuck ball and the player should attempt to trap the other ball(s) in play and request assistance. No attempts should be made by the player to continue shooting shots around the playfield trying to free the stuck ball if that ball is deemed to be stuck under this rule.

Obviously, I only know the rules kinda good. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thats what I thought. The TD thought you had to pick which position. Wasn’t a big deal, was just a discussion we were having and so I wanted official clarification.

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I do not know the rule on that but I’ve never seen it done that way. If the don’t pick game I’ve always seen them pick the actual position, BEFORE the game choice has been made. Josh, can you clarify?

Order is just “Order”. A player can say “1st” or “2nd” initially but they don’t have to.


Never mind…

Ok, that’s good to know.

Cool, thanks.

So what’s to stop the person from simply saying game, then saying they want the other person to declare position, and then they select a game?

I think convention is game always gets picked first, even if people don’t realize it by saying “I’ll go 4th” or whatever.

I’m trying to make the order choice harder on POTC just to break things up a bit. :wink:


I always choose order. When I do I always declared it when I made the choice… I defer game choice. Making that desvivion never works for me. I always do better being told what to play.

Could you reverse scenario this and choose game and then make other player choose and order and then go back and pick your game? Seems odd

Ha. Beat me to it!

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Then If player A chooses “order” and player B elects to also not choose game, do they choose “order #2”? [Puns welcome.] Ditto player C and “order #3”? So that if it falls to player D to pick the game, it’s not until the game pick is made by D that any of A, B and C must choose their playing position, presumably starting with A?


This is precisely how it should go down IMNSHO.